Class of 2018 Chapter 3

Jacob “Jake” Battaglia
Hometown: Frisco, TX
High School: Frisco High School
Position:  Quarterback
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Coach Lira: “Jake is a good football player, and I am really excited to work with him next year.  He is a guy that has all the intangibles you look for in a quarterback.  He also has the arm strength to hit all the throws and the mobility to extend the play.  I am super excited to watch Jake his four years here at Greenville, and the legacy he will leave!”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because the community and the town had an uplifting atmosphere that I felt comfortable in. The football program had all the right traits of a program that could help you grow not only as a football player, but a future husband, father, and a man of God.”

Bruce Volaski
 Terra Bella, CA
High School: Bakersfield College
Position: WR/RB
Major: Criminal Justice

Coach Schomaker: “Bruce is looking for a family and EMAP is just the place.  He needs people who are going to pour into him and help him become the man he was meant to be and in turn I believe he can be someone who does the same for his teammates.  He is a tremendous talent on the field and I am excited to watch him blossom this fall.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because of the brother hood bond that the team had.  And that everyone was about the person next to them and not for themselves”

Tyler Christensen
Hometown: South Elgin, IL
High School: South Elgin High School
Position:  Slot Receiver
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Lira: “Tyler is a great route runner, and is someone who can make plays in open space.  He is a player that not only can get it done on the field, but he is also someone who we expect to lead in the classroom as well.  I am super happy to welcome him to the family!”
Why did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville college due to the close bond between all of the guys and the strong feeling of comfort between everyone. I loved the way the guys competed and I was amazed with the competition between one another. I just feel that the environment is one I will fit into well.”

Wade Jung
Hometown: Altenburg, MO
High School: Perryville High School    
Position: DL
Major: Secondary Education: Emphasis on Coaching
Coach Schomaker: “Wade is a blue collar, hard working, farm boy from Missouri.  He takes on that lunch pale mentality and will be extraordinary in the ordinary everyday tasks.  He is a monster in the weight room and I am excited to watch him blossom here at GC.
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I want to attend Greenville College because I feel that I will adjust easily due to the smaller class sizes. I was very impressed by the campus tour. I love that I will be able to keep playing football while furthering my education.”

Colton Faure
Hometown: Susanville, CA
High School: Lassen High School
Position:  DE
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach DiSandro: “Colton is a very tall, lean, and athletic defenisive lineman.  He was a very impactful player at the high school level, and we expect it to transition to the college level.  Last and most important to us, is his character.  He is a good kid with great grades, and we feel like he’s going to be a great fit!
Why Did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because it seems like a good and friendly environment and I get to play football. I plan on majoring in criminal justice.


Class of 2018 Part 2

Dylan Massey
Hometown: Abernathy, TX
High School: New Deal High School
Position:  OLB/Safety
Major: Pre-Engineering
Coach Lira: “It was a long process in recruiting Dylan as he is a very highly sought out outside linebacker and safety from West, Texas. I am excited about his play-making ability in the Secondary. He is a player who possesses great commitment and is a great weight room guy. I believe Dylan is a great fit for the GC family.
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “To me the environment and the people surrounding me were going to keep me focused and set on my goals faith, family, and football. The brotherhood that Coach Lira talked about was something I strongly wanted to be a part of.”

Tyler Delargy
Hometown: Highland, AR
High School: Highland High School
Position: OL
Major: Physical Education: Coaching Minor
Coach Laune: “I am very excited about Tyler's decision to be a Panther in the fall. Tyler comes from a winning program that instilled great character traits in him early on. He is a great young man and has a huge amount of potential in the coming years. We expect great things from him and can't wait to get started working with him.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I choose Greenville College because I feel as if they can further my education. Also I feel as if the school and the football coaches can make me a better man than I already am and also get me closer to The Lord. Also the football team made me feel as one of them and like I was at home.”

Jacob Siefken
Hometown: Naperville, IL
High School: Naperville Central High School
Position:  OL
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Rode: “Jacob will be a great asset to the EMAP Nation.  He is a very raw player that has great potential.  He has the attitude of a man that is willing to work himself into a place of greatness, yet he has the character and understanding to know that greatness goes far beyond the field.  He will be a man that will live a successful and significant life while he is here and for the rest of his life.”
Why did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville for a couple of reasons. One of those was the professors and coaches will care for you more than a student they will want to be your friend. The atmosphere of when I got there was that this is home it's the place for me to be. All the times I have been there have been positive whether if it's with the football team or just visiting.”

Andre Lugo
Hometown: Greenacres, FL
High School: John I Leonard High School
Position: Punter
Major: Sports Management Recreation
Coach Orr: “Andre has been incredibly responsive throughout the recruiting process.  He has been working diligently this entire offseason and has shown a lot of improvement from the end of his senior season.  Andre is someone who is going to continue bringing that kind of dedication to the program.  We’re excited about bringing in a punter who we believe can compete right away.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because on my visit I felt a friendly atmosphere from everyone on campus, and the players form a brotherhood that shares the same passion of the game as I do. I definitely felt at home while at the visit and want to call Greenville my home with my brothers for the next four years.”

Tywon Bender
Hometown: Kankakee, Illinois
High School: Kankakee High School
Position:  DL
Major: Sports Management
Coach Lira: “Tywon is a guy that is big and physical. I am very excited to welcome him to the EMAP family.  He is also a guy that is very dedicated to his academics.  He will be a guy that helps us on the field as well as off the field.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “The reason I chose Greenville is, I wanted to make a change in the world.  I wanted to make a difference in Greenville’s atmosphere, what I bring is a desire to play college football and giving all I have to be the best I can be. 


Q&A with Joy Rode on Her New CD

Q: Was there a moment in your life that made you want to become a musician?
A: There wasn't one specific moment, rather a series of events. For one, I grew up in a family of musicians and singers and everyone was involved with the music at our church. Also, I started listening to women artists who played guitar and wrote their own music. Once I started learning guitar, I tried writing and although the 7th grade boy basketball player,” the process of writing was becoming more familiar nonetheless. First couple songs consisted of lyrics like, “My crush is in love with that cheerleader while I look like an awkward 7

Q: How did your CD get the name “Stages”?
A: While “Stages” is the name of one of my songs, which depicts a story of different seasons of life, the album as a whole is summed up in the name “Stages.” I’m coming to realize that life is one big cycle of seasons. Each season has its own set of joy (no pun intended), trials, and events. It’s up to us whether we pay attention to pockets of growth during these seasons. I’m hoping this album encourages others to see the bigger picture and feel hope that if they want or need to, they can get out of a difficult season.

Q: All of the songs on the CD are originals written by you, but are there any that are especially meaningful to you?
A: Each song has its own story. All of the lyrics are especially meaningful to me, but I can say that I enjoy singing/recording specific ones. Some times when you actually start performing a song, you realize it may not be a huge hit (you can usually tell by the yawns). My favorite song to sing/perform would be “Give it Up” because to me, it is one of the most creative songs I’ve written and I connect with the lyrics while I am singing it almost every time.

Q: How does being the wife of a coach mix with your passion for music?
A: Surprisingly, these two roles seem to be working together in my favor. For instance, Coach Rode (Andrew) is quite busy trying to help continue to build the EMAP vision, and while I miss being around him in the evenings, it frees me up to write, perform, or plan during this time slot. Also, the team can come see me perform and it is yet another opportunity for Andrew and I to build relationships with players and meet their girlfriends (free concert=cheap date with the boo thang).

Joy singing during a Friday chapel.
Q: What are your favorite parts of being a part of the EMAP Nation?
A: As a whole, I love how this program transforms lives, or rather how it used by Jesus to transform lives. Specific parts of EMAP that I love are “put up’s” after the games, Wide-Receiver Tuesday night meetings when I bring brownies and get put on the “hot seat,” and how it is a school and program that spiritually challenges my husband by being led and giving him a chance to lead others. I can’t wait for season #4 as being a Coach’s Wife! Let’s go!

Q: What is one funny thing about Coach Rode that his players wouldn’t know about him?
A: One evening we walked up stairs to our apartment and came face to face with a large, balding, hissing, possum. Coach Rode was so excited that even after we went inside, he would periodically open the door and turn the porch light on to make sure he was still there. He also tried to lure the possum back to our porch in the following weeks by setting food out for him. The possum’s name is Harold. Guess who named him? So, you may not have known it, but Coach Rode is a big animal lover.

Q: Will you be performing in the Greenville area any time soon?
A: Yes, this weekend actually! You can stop by the Blackroom at Greenville College around 8:00pm on Friday March 28th, and I’ll be performing after Tyler Wright.  On April 5th I will be playing at the Blackroom again in the “Battle of the Bands” which is the competition leading up to Agapefest.  Hope to see you there!

You can find Joy’s album “Stages” on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stages/id829018237
Twitter: @JoyRode11


Greenville College 2014 Schedule: Who's Excited?

Greenville Football is proud to announce the schedule for the 2014 football season.  Greenville will play five home game and five away games.  The Panthers will travel to Minnesota four times and to Missouri once.    

The Panthers will open the season at home this year on Sept. 6th with Millikan, a non-conference opponent.  This will be the fourth consecutive year Greenville has opened the season with Millikan.  Last year Greenville came from behind in a thrilling 48 – 41 victory.  Conference play kicks off the following week on Sept. 13th against Minnesota–Morris.  The Panthers will be on the road for this contest.  

The following weekend Greenville is at home playing UMAC foe Eureka College. The last two meetings have been extremely close contests with the Panthers coming out on top.  Greenville is back on the road again for a Sept. 27th show down against Martin Luther College.

The next two weeks the Panthers will be at home playing vs. Mac Murray College on Oct. 4th and Crown College (MN) Oct. 11th.

The Panthers are back on the road again, traveling to meet UMAC rival Northwestern College (MN).  This will fourth consecutive season Greenville and Northwestern have played dating back to 2009.  Fans should expect an extremely competitive game although Greenville came out on top last season.  Greenville and Northwestern met in the Victory bowl in 2011.  
Greenville will be at home on Oct. 25th versus Iowa Wesleyan, only the second meeting between the teams.  On Nov. 1st the Panthers will head back on the road again to take on Westminster College (MO).  

The Panthers will close out their season on the road playing the returning UMAC champs St. Scholastica College.   Greenville will square off against St. Scholastica on Nov. 8th and it is sure to be a very intense game.  The Panthers fell to the Saints last season 27 – 21.  

The Panthers Junior Varsity Schedule has also been released.  The JV schedule will include four home contests and one away.  The Panthers will square off against some new faces in 2014 including Olivet Nazarene Sept. 22nd, Southern Illinois Edwardsville Oct. 10th and Mid West Preparatory Academy Nov. 3rd.  

Please come out and support your Greenville Panthers as they look to build on last seasons record setting performance.  

Click  Here to see Varsity and JV 2014 Schedule.

Curious to see Greenvilles away game experience.

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