Class of 2016, Part 7: More Weapons Added to the Offense

In this edition of the blog, we spotlight five young men who will be dynamic on the offensive side of the ball, with bright futures ahead of them off the field as well! 

Name: Brennen Johnson
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
High School: Joe T. Robinson High
Position: Quarterback
Major: Business Marketing
Why did he choose Greenville? “I chose Greenville College because of the intimate academic environment, the high moral character of the coaches, and because they recruited me to play the position I love!”
Coach Cox: “Brennen is a Quarterback we are very excited to have. His athletic ability jumps off the tape but it is his attention to detail and character that truly speak to what kind of football player he is. During Brennen’s application process he had seven different people write letters of recommendation for him speaking volumes about his character. We are very excited to welcome the Johnson Family to our Panther Family and are excited to see just how high his potential is.”

Name: Ohiya Salway
Hometown: Fort Defiance, AZ
High School: Window Rock High School
Position: Wide Receiver
Major: Exercise Science
Why did he choose Greenville? “Because they showed the most interest in me out of all schools.”
Coach Schoepf: “Ohiya is the type of athlete we want to have at Greenville. His ability to line up at multiple positions and make an impact was evident in his highlights. With Ohiya being a coach’s son, I know that he has the football knowledge and passion to do great things on and off the field! I am excited to see him leave his mark at GC!”

Name: George Harris
Hometown: Silverdale, WA
High School: Klahowya Secondary School
Position: QB
Major: Undecided
Why did he choose GreenvilIe? “I chose to come to Greenville because it seemed like a great place to grow my relationship with Jesus while receiving a college education. The coaches were also extremely friendly and made me feel welcome and excited to play football as a Panther.”
Coach Schoepf: "I am so glad that George has decided to join us this fall! His ability to make plays on the field, succeed in the classroom, and his desire to grow as a young man will set him up for great success here at Greenville. I am excited to see how he develops as a student athlete and what his legacy will be after his four years here!”

Name: LaDerrius Burks
Hometown: Memphis, TN
High School: Memphis Academy of Health Sciences
Position: Running Back
Awards/Honors: Honor Roll student, AutoZone Liberty Bowl All-Star , 2015-2016 Best of Preps
Major: Sports Management
Why did he choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because I knew that this would be the place for me to grow as a man and a better football player.
Coach Flannery: “We are excited that LaDerrius has decided to join the EMAP family.  From the beginning of the recruiting process it was evident LaDerrius wants to be great both on and off the football field.  He demonstrated this in high school by graduating with a GPA above a 3.0 and by starting on both sides of the football.  We are excited to see LaDerrius grow as a man in his time here at GC!”

Name: Alexander Hayes
Hometown: Memphis, TN
High School: Fairley High School
Position: Running Back
Awards/Honors: Team captain, 2nd team All-District Running back, Co-offensive MVP
Major: Undecided
Why did he choose Greenville? “From the day I first applied to Greenville coach Flannery & Ms. Summers made me feel like family. I've also been on a search for a closer relationship with God. I honestly believe that Greenville is right for me.”
Coaches Quote- The first thing that stood out in Alex’s film was his physicality and his ability to finish plays on both offense and defense.  That’s what we look for when watching and evaluating film.  Throughout the recruiting process Alex was very respectful and great at getting tasks completed.  We believe all these things will translate at the college level as Alex works towards his goals at GC.  Welcome to the EMAP family!”


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Multiple States Represented in Part 6 of the Class of 2016

Coming from different parts of the country, these five young men have committed to attend Greenville and join the EMAP family this fall! 

Name: Riley Russell
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, TX
High School: Rivercrest ISD
Position: Defensive Line
Major: Physical Education
Why Did He Choose Greenville: I chose this school for their good football program and Christian values.
Coach Cox: Riley is the type of football player every coach loves to coach. He is hardworking in the weight room and on the football field. Riley is the type of football player that will rarely if ever be outworked and the longer he is in a program the better football player he will be. Riley loves every aspect of football and it is evident with his incredible work ethic. You will find it hard to find someone who has anything negative to say about Riley. We are very excited to see Riley’s development over the next four years as a Greenville Panther.

Name: Miguel Martinez
Hometown:  Berryville, Arkansas
High School: Berryville High School
Position: Left tackle
Major: History and Political Science
Why did He Choose Greenville: Well right off the bat I knew it was for me. It wasn't big it wasn't small just the perfect fit! Also the academics are great and the type of environment the college carries was a plus. I'm glad I have the privilege to be a part of the Panther football team this fall!!
Coach Cox: We are very excited to welcome Miguel to our Panther Family. Miguel has great size and speed but it is his aggressive nature that makes him a dominant force on the offensive line. Miguel is another guy that loves football and has a passion to excel. Miguel will be a great asset to the Panther program for the next four years and we are excited to see him develop.

Name: Derrick Dunn
Hometown: Greenville, IL
High School: Greenville High School
Position: LB/RB
Awards/Honors: All-Conference LB senior year
Major: Agribusiness
Why did he Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because they are giving me the opportunity to continue my football career all while going to school to obtain my degree in Agribusiness.
Coach Schomaker: Derrick was a kid that we recruited out of high school because of his athleticism at the Linebacker position.  He’s a local kid that comes from a great family and will add much needed experience and maturity to our linebacker corps.  

Name: Jarin Donaldson
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
High School: Mesa Ridge High School
Position: Wide Receiver & Corner Back
Awards/Honors: 1st Team All Conference, Offensive Player of the Year, All Area 
Major: Undecided
Why did He Choose Greenville: I picked Greenville because I feel like the school and community will help me grow as a young man and help me reach my full potential. Also because the Coaching staff really made me feel welcome.
Coach Flannery- Jarin is the type of skill player we are looking at the corner back position.  He is very quick and explosive on his feet, and can also make plays on the ball when in the air.  He will add great depth and athleticism to that position group.  Another thing that excites us about Jarin is his desire to grow as a young man both on and off the football field.  Those are the types of guys we want.

Name: Steven Oscar
Hometown: Sebastian, FL
High School: Sebastian River High School
Position: CB/WR/KR
Major: Education
Why did he choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because I felt very wanted and needed. Consequently without God I wouldn't be at this position, so I'm very blessed and thankful for this opportunity. From time to time, the Coaches kept me in touch almost every week, which intrigued me even more about being here. This school also seems like a great place to earn an education as well. I’m excited and overwhelmed to join the panther family!

Coach Schoepf: I am excited to have Steven join us this fall! His desire to play college football and get an education has been evident from the start. Along with that, Steven’s desire to be at a Christian school really stood out. I cannot wait to see Steven in the orange and black this fall!


Class of 2016: Part 5

Five more young men have chosen attend Greenville this fall! Help us welcome these five young men to the family.

Name: Kevin Dowdy
Hometown: Visalia, CA
High School: Mt. Whitney High School
Position: Defensive End
Honors/Awards: Defensive lineman of the year
Major: Education
Why did he choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville to better my education at a school that I believe will give me the best opportunity to succeed. I have also chosen to adopt the panther ways on the football field.”

Coach Schomaker: “Kevin is a tremendous young man and we are excited he will be joining us in the fall.  On the field Kevin brings a ferocious pass rush and a fantastic motor.  He is a great addition to our program.”

Name: Anthony Longsworth
Hometown: Pomona, CA
High School: Ganesha High School
Position: Running Back, Safety, Linebacker
Awards/ Honors: 1st team all league Running Back, 2nd team all league Defensive back, Linebacker
Major: Criminal Justice/Business
Why did he choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because I felt they would give me the best opportunity for my education, furthering my career in football as well as growing and developing as a young man. Coach Flannery always kept me in the loop of things we talked almost everyday and it wasn’t always about football. He showed interested in my well being and I’m excited for what my future holds as a panther! #EMAP
Coach Flannery: It has been an absolute blessing recruiting Anthony!  The first thing that wowed me about Anthony was his highlights on both offense and defense.  It did not matter which side of the football he was on or what position, he was making plays!  Anthony will join us on offense at either our T-Back or H-Back position as his skill set fits both positions; he is deadly with the football in his hands, he has break away speed, and he can make plays in the passing game.  The other WOW factor is that Anthony takes care of business off the field academically and in his growth as a young man.  A great fit for the EMAP family. 

Name: Justin V Howard
Hometown:  McDonough, GA
High School: Henry County High
Position: RB/SS
Major: Graphic Design
Why did he choose Greenville: “ I like the coaches and the team atmosphere.”
Coach Laune:Justin is a great young man and football player. I can't wait for Justin to get on campus in August. Justin has a huge amount of potential and athletic ability. I know that he will do great things during his career at Greenville.”

Name: Chris Moore
Hometown: Belleville, IL
High School: Belleville West HS
Position: Center/Fullback
Awards/Honors: All-City Offensive lineman, 3rd team All-Conference, Student-Athlete Award
Major: Pre-Medicine/Biology
Why did He Choose Greenville: I love the family bondage between the coaches and players. Everyday is a competition and a way to meet new people while having an amazing time. As soon as I walked onto campus and met the coaches/players, they made me feel at home.

Coach Flannery: When I went to Belleville West High School on a recruiting trip Coach Pettus raved to me about Chris.  He spoke very highly of Chris’s work ethic, leadership, and desire to get better each day.  On top of that Chris also strived for excellence in the classroom as he had one of the top GPA’s on the team.  Those intangibles are exactly what we look for when recruiting high school football players.  We are thrilled that Chris will be joining the EMAP family this fall as he will play center and long snapper.

Name: Jeremy Howard
High School: Henry County High School, GA
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Position: Defensive Tackle
Major: Education
Why he chose Greenville: “I liked the coaches, the team atmosphere, it’s great surroundings and a it’s welcoming place to be!”

Coach Laune: Jeremy has great size and strength. He was a physically dominant high school player. I love the way he competes physically. I'm very excited about having Jeremy wearing orange and black in the fall!”

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