Commitments for the Class of 2016: Part 3

Five more young men have decided to attend Greenville College and play football this upcoming fall. This entry features four young men from Illinois and one from Maryland.

                                     Name: Caleb Jackson
                                      Hometown: Butler, IL
                        High School: Hillsboro High School
                                Position: Running Back/ Slot
                                          Major: Biology
Why did he choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because of the close connection between athlete and coach, and my beliefs.
Coach Schomaker's Quote: Caleb had a terrific senior year and that really got our attention as a staff.  He’s a local kid who comes from a great family and will add a lot to our program both on and off the field.“

Name: Jake Renfrew
Hometown: Saint Joseph
High School: Saint Joseph-Ogden High School
Position: Running Back/Linebacker
Major: Physical Therapy
Why did He Choose Greenville: It was just the right size for me as a college and offered me the opportunity to both play a sport I love while also being able to further myself academically.
Coach Flannery's Comment: Jake is joining us from Saint Joseph-Ogden high school which has a rich tradition of success on the football field.  We expect Jake to carry that hard work and winning attitude with him as he joins the EMAP family this fall.  We are excited to see Jake compete on the football field as well as lead academically as he pursues his degree in Physical Therapy.  Welcome to the family!

Name: Amari Jones
Hometown: Edgewood, Maryland
High School: Edgewood High School
Position: Running Back
Major: Environmental Studies
Why did he choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because I can see this school being a great opportunity to live in a very beneficial community all while playing all out in the sport I love most.
Coach Schoepf's quote: "It has been great getting to know Amari and his family during this process! I am excited to see Amari's passion and work ethic take him to new heights as he pursues his education and performs on the field!"

Name: Thomas Broomfield
HometownGreenville, IL.
Highschool: GHS
Position: Defensive Tackle  
Awards: Team Captain, Defensive player of the week four times
Major: Digital Media
Why did he choose Greenville: It's close to home and has ethics.
Coach Schomaker's Quote: “The thing we loved about Thomas is that we always saw him in the weight room.  Thomas is another local kid from a great family and will set the tone in the weight room and with his work ethic."

Name: Monty Sharpe II
Hometown: Edwardsville, IL
High school: Edwardsville High School
Position: WR
Awards: Most Improved Player
Major: Exercise Science
Why did he choose Greenville: I felt welcome everyday on campus and it felt more and more like home. (Plus I love me some orange & black)
Coach Flannery's Quote:  I am very excited that Monty has decided to join the GC football family!  His skills on the perimeter are exactly what we are looking for.  He creates great separation in his routes, and has the ability to make big plays down field.  Monty graduated from Edwardsville High School, which has a rich tradition of success and great work ethic on the football field.  We have no doubt that he will bring that same mentality and culture to our receiver core and football team.

Help us welcome these young men into the EMAP Family!


Commitments for the Class of 2016: Part 2

 Help us welcome these five young men who have committed to attend and play football at Greenville College!

Name: Horace Walton III
Hometown: Mount Dora, Florida
High School: Mount Dora High
Position: RB/SS
Major: Business
Why did he choose Greenville? : “The school is close with God and even with everything going against me gave me a chance to further my education and start a new chapter in my life.”
Coach Schoepf’s Comments: Horace has a burning desire to do great things and to further himself as a young man. He wants to be able to grow not only as an athlete, but in the classroom and spiritually. We are excited to see another great player come from the state of Florida and make an impact on and off the field!

Name: Joshua Robinson
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
High School: Lutheran High School North
Position: Safety
Major: Journalism
Why Did He Choose Greenville? "I chose Greenville because I knew it would help me become a better man and a better Christian. Also, I know that Greenville will help me achieve my goals in the near future. I knew that I would be part of a team that treats each other like a family, and I be part of the EMAP brotherhood."

Coach Laune's Comment: “We are very excited about Joshua’s future at Greenville. He has an incredible amount of athletic ability as well as all of the intangibles that we look for in a Panther recruit. I am looking forward to seeing him develop both on and off the field.”

Name: Donovan Graydon
Hometown:  Griffin, Ga
High SchoolNewton High School
MajorPre-Physical or Occupational Therapy
Why Did He Choose Greenville: "Donovan decided Greenville is the college he could align himself because he recognizes the value of the vision for Greenville students.  Also, he feels that the football program values his potential as a Christian athlete and would commit to helping him continue to grow at the collegiate level.  Finally, Donovan believes this choice will set him on a path to successfully accomplishing his goals."
Coach Laune's Comment: Donovan is a great young man and it has been a joy to get to know him through the recruiting process. He is a tremendous kicker and has the ability to make an immediate impact. We are looking forward to seeing what he can do and watching him develop as a man of Christian character during his time at Greenville.

Name: Benton Bondurant
Hometown: Saint Louis
High School: Cardinal Ritter High School
Position: Offensive Line
Major: Criminal Justice, Business
Why Did He Choose Greenville?: "The family environment, and my desire to be a better man and player."
Coach Cox’s Comments: Benton is what we look for in offensive linemen. He has good pad level, finishes plays, and a very physical nature. Benton comes from Cardinal Ritter in St. Louis a school with a great football tradition but an even better tradition of producing young men that are passionate about Christ. Benton is exactly what we are looking for a man that loves the physicality of football and loves serving Christ.

Name: Broderick Warren
Hometown: Urbana, IL
High School: Urbana High school
Position: WR & DB
Major: physical therapy
Why Did He Choose Greenville: "I chose Greenville because of the family type relationship that all of the players share and when I came on a visit I felt right at home, and they all welcomed me with open arms and that includes the coaching staff as well. That is exactly what I am looking for in a team."

Coach Flannery’s Comment- We are thrilled that Broderick has decided to join our football family!  At Urbana high school he brought tenacious playmaking ability on both sides of the football at wide receiver and defensive back.  As a wide receiver he will be a big threat in our pass game as he has the skill set to go up and get the ball and spread defenses vertically with his speed.  I am excited to see him grow over the next 4 years into the man God has created him to be as he pushes himself both on and off the football field.

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