Diverse Roster makes GC unique

Greenville College boasts one of the most unique rosters in Div III, with players from 16 different states, including Califorina, Florida, and Washington, as well as Canada.

Illinois is home to the majority of Greenville players, with 37 players from the state. SR Left Tackle Jered Schneider (Centralia, IL Centralia High) believes the diversity is a great thing for the team. "Having guys on your team from all over the country makes our team so unique. With all
 the different guys on our team from different backgrounds, it allows you to learn a lot and grow a lot."

The West Coast is well represented at GC, with 24 players coming from Califorina, Oregon and Washington.

California is the largest pipeline state for Greenville, with 17 players currently from the Golden state.

Sophomore Running Back Esteban Camrillo (La Mirada, CA Whittier Christian) says his visit to Greenville was his reason for going so far from home. "I get asked all the time about my reason for leaving Cali and I always answer by just saying the guys on the team. I took a trip out there to visit the school and right away the men on the team made me feel at home. If there was one thing that I could say to others thinking about Greenville is to come and see for your self what it has to offer you and I bet you wont be disappointed." 

Senior Quarterback Dom Kegel (Hunters, WA) also cites his visit as the deciding factor in choosing Greenville. "Going to a school far from home was a big decision, but when I visited and met the guys, it was evident to me that this is where I wanted to be."

Florida has proved to be an important state for the Panthers, producing All-Conference DT Bobby Jones (Miami, FL Miami Central) and playmaking OLB Xavier Beach (DeFuniak Springs, FL Walton High)

Sophmore Quarterback Austin Teer (Vancouver, BC) even crossed the bord
er to come to GC.  "I was a weird person and never visited, I really just showed up the day I was supposed to. But it was such a memorable experience coming in not knowing what to expect and being so warmly welcomed. I didn’t know any of the guys, and they didn’t know me but I felt like I was part of a family away from my family."

Dom Kegel offers advice for players who are concerned about their decision, "Trust the lord, trust your desires, and trust yourself. You will grow a lot. Encourage your parents in the fact that this will be a great step in becoming a man of god. Give it to the Lord and watch it all work out."


Upcoming Recruiting Weekends

The Panthers are gearing up for a very important recruiting period. The coaching staff and players feel that the on-campus visit is the most important part of understanding what Greenville is all about, and experiencing what it is like to be a Greenville Panther. We invite you to come on one of our official visit weekends.
January 31st

Feb 15th and 16th

Febuary 27th and 28th

March 27th and 28th

These visits are a great way to get to know the team and the coaching staff, as well as tour the campus and see the facilities.

Senior Quarterback Dom Kegel (Hunters, WA) said of his visit, "going to a school far from home was a big decision, but when I visited and met the guys, it was evident to me that this is where I wanted to be."

Talk to your recruiting coach for more information about your visit.

We hope to see you soon!

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