Panthers Focus on Important 2nd Season

As the new semester is starting up, the Greenville Panthers are already preparing for next season by focusing on 2nd Season. The Panthers don't refer to it as the off season because they don't see it as off time, but as a new season of competition and hard work. Coming off a 6-4 season, the Panthers are returning 18 starters and have very high expectations for the 2009 season.

The Panthers focus during 2nd season is in the weight room. Strength and Condition coach Jon Leman says "We are committed to being great at all aspects of football. In 2nd season, when you are not on the field, the weight room is where you compete, and it is where you get better. With us returning so many starters, our gains in the weight room are what is going to push us to the next level."

The Panthers are also focused on perfecting the offense and defense during 2nd season. Junior FS Scott Schneider talks about the importance of this focus. " Our daily 7-on-7 sessions have really helped us stay sharp on our plays and assignments. I think this focus is really going to help us next season."

The Panthers being spring practice begins in March. During this time, the Panthers participate in non-padded practice by NCAA rule. The lack of pads does not, however, take away from the intensity of the practice. Sophomore Right Tackle David Butler says "Having no pads doesn't make a difference to us. We still are physical and focused, just like it is a real, full padded practice. I think our spring practices are a really important time to put in new plays, as well as get better at the rest."

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