Where Are They Now?

In Division III football it is very rare for a player to go on to the NFL. After playing at Greenville, many former players have gone on to have very successful careers outside of the game. We recently caught up with some former players to ask them how Greenville helped prepare them for life after football.

Lee Thompson
State Farm Agency Recruiter
Phoenix, AZ
QB Class of '06

" The football program at Greenville College provides the unique opportunity to play competitive football in an environment that values relationships and allows players to learn valuable lessons, not only about football, but also about life. The Greenville College staff is dedicated to developing young men and teaching them lessons that will be beneficial in their time as a football player at GC, but more importantly in their lives that follow."

Jon DeJulio
Asst. Head Football Coach/Math Teacher
Central Florida Christian Academy
WR Class of '06

"The coaching staff at Greenville is an incredible group to play for. I have played for several different staffs, but none quite as structured from top to bottom like Coach Hehman's. The coaches do a great job using football as a tool to teach life lessons. Everyday at work, or somewhere in day-to-day life, I see something happening that the Greenville coaches have taught me how to deal with."

Derek Robinson
Admissions Counselor University of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ
OL Class of '06

"Greenville taught me to think outside the box. So many cultures and backgrounds came together at our college, and it helped me in my communication techniques and basically taught me how to interact with others. I love and am so grateful for the staff and program that I was blessed to be a part of while I was at Greenville. We all need role models and mentors, and Greenville blessed me with mine. I believe whole heartedly that parents alone cannot raise a boy to be a man, it also takes a community, and that is what Greenville gives, not just offers!"

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