EMAP Teambuilder

The Panthers hosted a recruiting weekend last weekend (Jan 31st) for over 20 prospective student-athletes. Activities included: a tour of the campus and football facilities, visit with Admissions, a Player Panel, which is an opportunity for the recruits and their parents to ask questions to a panel of current Panther players. Also, the recruits viewed highlight film as well as an overview of team philosophy by the GC coaching staff.

In the evening, the recruits and their parents were able to enjoy a meal on campus with players and coaches in the Dining Commons. After the meal, it was Team Builder time. During this time, the players and recruits headed to the Rec. Center for basketball and dodgeball. This is a great time for players and recruits to bond in a fun way, as well as give the recruits an idea of how players at Greenville College love to compete in everything they do.

We encourage all recruits to come on a recruiting weekend to get a real GC expereince, as well as participate in a EMAP Teambuilder

Upcoming Visit dates:

Feb 15th and 16th

Febuary 27th and 28th

March 27th and 28th

Visit GC and experience what it means to be a Panther

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