Philly Blog: Day One

Hey everyone! This is Jered Schneider and I will be your blogger for the week.

We headed out from the fitness center at around 4pm with our shuttles packed tight with luggage, football equiptment, and snacks, ready to head out to Philladelpia.

Our destination was Faith Community Church in Cincinati, Ohio, home of Coach Lehman, where there would was word of homemade chili awating our arrival. We hoped to be there around 9pm, but we arrived a little behind schedule.

We made it nearly 2 1/2 hours before a much needed bathroom break was taken at a Wendy's in Wanamaker, IN. With a shuttle full of football players it is difficult to simply stop for just a bathroom break. So we also got some Bacon-nators for the road. I got the delicious new Sweet and Spicy Chicken. It gave me hives. But I still highly recommend it.
Once we got back on the interstate we ran into a thick traffic jam due to the grand opening of an area casino. That set us back about an hour. After we finally emerged it was time for another stop. This time it was Burger King. 20mins and several Whoppers later we were finally closing in on our destination.

We arrived at Faith Community Church at around 11pm, and there was indeed chili waiting for us cortesy of Coach Lehman's parents. After all of the fast food that was taken in, along with the chili, many of the guys decided the best way to let all of that digest was to play some basketball. Seriously. Several upset stomachs resulted.

Tonight was a late night, and tomorrow will be an early morning, as we depart on the last leg of our trip at 7am. We hope to arrive in Philadelphia in the late afternoon. We are all very excited to get going and begin our work.

Keep us in your prayers as we travel, and check back tomorrow night for another update.

Grace and Peace,

Jered Schneider

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