What is D-III?

Pat Coleman of D3football.com wrote in his blog about the identity of D-III sports. He made some great points and some things that are worth mentioning.

A common misconception is that "Division III is glorified intramurals, no better than high school ball. This couldn’t be further from the truth, of course, and anyone who has played Division III knows that. But that’s the mantra of some people, often coaches who measure themselves by the number of athletic scholarships their players go on to get. I’ve been collecting stories and quotes from people who get to Division III schools and are surprised by the level of competition. Just in case more debunking is needed."

Another important point "Division III is a community. More so than other levels, Division III fans have a camaraderie with each other off the floor or away from the stadium that I don’t see at other levels. There’s a sense of “we’re all in this together” among die-hard Division III fans, where fans of opposing teams will tailgate together before games. I suspect that most interaction between fans of D-I schools in a parking lot are not so friendly."

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(*I realize that it is a basketball blog, but it is relevant to football)

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