New Head Coach Ordell Walker

The following article was published in "The Papryus" and written by Joe Canady

The past year for the Greenville College football team has been historic and monumental in many ways. With a program changing win over Washington University, a conference championship, and a appearance in the Victory Bowl, the Panthers expect to compete at a higher level in 2010. If the Panthers are going to reach new heights this year it will be with a new captain of the EMAP ship.

The decision was made last week to hire Ordell Walker (who was serving as the Interim Head Coach) as Greenville’s new head coach. A coach at Greenville College since 2003, Coach Walker will keep the same Biblical values of the program. The team did find out during Walker’s first team meeting there will be a lot of changes that Coach Walker believes will take the football program to the next level. I got a chance to talk to Coach Walker about these changes such his principle “culture of discipline”, his number 1 goal as GC football’s head coach and much more.

JC: Coach, can you explain what “biblical football” means?

CW: Biblical football is trying to play or coach football in the way that Jesus would play or coach. Principles in the bible like “Love is a cornerstone” and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself” are what this program is all about. It’s really about how we apply those principles to football.

JC: I was at your first official team meeting as head coach last week and you talked at length about a “culture of discipline” what is that?

CW: When I think about how this football can get to the next level and improve as a team, I think about a culture of discipline and this team being more disciplined. Can we be a team who shows up to a particular place on time? Can we make the weight room a priority? It’s about academics too. Going to class and turning in work is critical as well. The spiritual lives of the players and coaches are important as well so, a culture of discipline is really about being disciplined in every area of your life as a team.

JC: From the outside, it might appear that things slow down for the football program once the season is over. Is this true?
CW: Actually the other coaches, players and I spend just as much if not more working on football related things after the season is done. Recruiting players is huge. We make calls, host visits and try to bring in players that will fit into the program. Players make calls for us, lift weights and concentrate on their academics through our academic game plan. Our staff works on character development through team meetings. So there are plenty of things to do around here now.

JC: Lastly, Coach, what’s your number 1 goal as GC’s head football coach?

CW: My biggest fear is that when our guys graduate the only thing they can say is that i was a great football coach. I want to be more than that. My main goal is that guys who come through this program grow into men. I want them to have an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and have the community view them as special men because of their GC football experience.

Coach Walker is no doubt a step in the right direction for the Panthers and it will be interesting how high the program can soar under his direction. Congrats Coach Walker.

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