Ryan Knight

Story originally printed in the Edwardsville Intelligencer and written by BILL YARBROUGH Jr.

Recently Edwardsville High School (IL) Senior Ryan Knight made the decision to attend Greenville College. Knight wants to major in history education at Greenville, with a minor in coaching. He also plans on suiting up for the Panther football team.

Attending a school where he could celebrate his faith in God was high on that list, and he found that place in Greenville College.

“It’s a great place and somewhere where I can show my faith in God,” said Knight. “It’s close to home and I have family that lives up there, so I think it’s the place for me.”

“He will be sorely missed in our program, that’s for sure,” said EHS coach Mark Bliss. “His work ethic, his leadership, his attitude — he came into every practice and every game with the kind of attitude you want from your players.”

Knight was recruited as a linebacker by Greenville, and that’s right where he wants to be.

“That’s my favorite position,” he said. “That’s where I wanted to play.”

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