EMAP In the Mission Field

For most college students this is the time of the year when they return home after a long and hard semester. Sophomore Safeties John Smith (Aurora, IL) and Andy Lozano (Desert Hot Springs, CA) are going a different route and will be traveling to Guatemala for a college sponsored mission trip May 24th- June 7th.

During the trip the 10 member team will travel to the town of Magdalena. They will be hosted by Students International a not-for-profit organization biased out of Visalia, CA.

There are multiple facets of this trip. As a Digital Media major Smith will be taking time exploring the city with still and video cameras as well as supporting the creation of a new digital media school there.

Lozano will be assisting in an agraibusiness program which consists of vaccinating local farm animals.

The trip was made known to Smith during a computer programming class by Professor Deloy Cole. It was only a matter of time before he convinced his teammate to join him on the trip.

Smith explained his reason for going on the trip,
“I want to experience a new culture and be able to use my talents to help people. Also they are trying to start a digital media school and the DM majors will be helping the director get on his feet with the program”

Lozano added,
“This will be a good chance to see a different country and expand my worldview. I am going to have a great time helping people and recruiting some future Panthers abroad.”

The Director of World Outreach and Missions office at Greenville College Erin O’Hare will be joining these Panthers on this trip and was asked about the involvement of football players on mission trips,

“I think it’s vital, the majority of interest for these trips comes from girls, which is fine but, there needs to be some balance. Kids in these countries respond very well to the players. I think it’s because they don’t have many male influences in their lives. The little boys love to roughhouse and they enjoy being physical with the big football players who they see as invincible heroes. There needs to be more guys in the mission field both short term and long term and the partnership with the football program continues to satisfy this need. ”

Please pray for the team during this trip for protection and for God to use this trip for his glory.

Greenville College Football © 2009 by Jered Schneider.