We Are, Panther Nation!

Working with College students you get used to good byes. Every year there is a group that leaves, and a group that comes in. Perhaps it's a coping mechanism, but as a coach's wife I'm to the point where I'm ok with the goodbyes. I'll admit, they often are tear filled, but going to a wedding, hearing about that first amazing job, and sometimes even getting to see a new first apartment make it worth the sadness.

Last season was filled with an extra goodbyes as we said goodbye not only to an amazing class of seniors, but their parents as well. EMAP has been blessed in past years to have the support of EPAPP (Every Parent a Panther Parent).

The group, started by parents of Alum Seth England and Trenton Dahnke and continued on by many other parents including those of alums Kenyon Klousia and the Garret Young spoiled our team with baked goods, dinners after games, special buffet dinners on long road trips an amazing cheering section at both home AND away games, and mostly listening ears, arms that hugged each player, and powerful, faithful prayers.

At graduation this past May we hugged seniors said our goodbyes, hugged parents, said our goodbyes, and smiled at promises to see us next season. Imagine my delight today to see a whole section of parents who were mostly those of alum, one of whom took it upon himself to lead a cheer for the crowd each and every time our Panthers scored. Mr. Klousia, you sir, ROCK!

PS-For those of you wondering what has become of EPAPP these days, it is taking on a new form, of generous parents who have provided yummy baked goods and water after games, fruit at half time for the locker room, and upcoming team dinners Fridays before the game.

We continue to be wrapped in prayer, support and encouragement. We are grateful for EVERY generous offer of time, energy, food and prayer for we know our players are blessed by it. If you are interested in learning how you can further help our team this season email me beth.walker@greenville.edu

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