Joy Hall Recieves a Face Lift!

Greenville College has recently announced the renovation and addition to Joy Residence Hall scheduled to begin on May 24, 2011.

The largest and oldest male dorm on campus Joy Hall will soon be the most coveted place to live on campus. The additions to Joy include low flow toilets, new windows, and updated airflow units. The new construction will extend the residence hall to the East creating more common living space for students. The renovation of Joy Hall will not only update the amenities and improve student living, but enhance the appearance of the building.

Joy Hall has housed many football players throughout the years and for some it has been a badge of honor surviving camp while living on the fourth floor. With these new renovations players will be able to rest more comfortably in their own rooms.

When asked how does this affect the team Offensive Coordinator Robbie Shomaker said,
" There will only be positives from this renovation. Now the dorm that will house the majority of our players will be the newest and probably the nicest. It will be important for incoming students to deposit early so they will get a better chance of staying in Joy Hall."

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