Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is the 25th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is a day when we look back and remember one of the most important leaders during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's. As a football program we understand and respect the sacrifices and advances made in those times that allow us the peace and prosperity that we have.

In the fall of 2009 the Greenville College Football team stopped at the Civil Rights Insitiute in Birmingham, AL. This trip had a profound effect on our team as a whole. Here is what some of the Panthers had to say about their experience:

Joel Deayon
Los Angeles, CA

"The civil rights exhibit just opened my eyes and made me want to strive to better myself as a student, and as a man! How could I waste the opportunities that I have now when people died for me to get here? I'm just very appreciative for what I am able to accomplish as an African American male."

Alex Holmes
Huntsville, AL

"Being from Alabama and going to the civil rights museum in I saw how much change has occurred through the short years, and how blacks and whites have been able to overcome the unbearable taste of segregation. There is still a lot as a society that we have to do, but through Christ anything and everything is possible."

Scott Schneider
Centralia, IL

"I was glad that we were able to go to the museum as a team. I think it was a good experience to see what people really went through to gain equality. If people had not had gone through what they did, we could not have this team today. It was against the law to even play with someone of the opposite race, and it seems so ignorant today, but it also shows how much the culture dictates what we believe."

Ordell Walker
Head Coach

"The non-violent movement of the civil rights struggle illustrated the power of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek to violence, to love your enemy and pray for those you persecuted you. Those people lived Jesus message and I benefit from their obedience. I wonder what would happen in this country if followers of Christ would actually do what He says by praying for our enemies in 2009?"

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