Tales From the Trail

Much like the classic video game Oregron Trail, recruiting out of state has become an exciting adventure for the Greenville College Football coaching staff.

This week Offensive Line Coach Aaron Mingo went to visit some potential Panthers in the Silver State. Coach Mingo visited both local high schools and individuals just off the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During his time there Coach Mingo shacked up with the family of current Panther Kody Herzog.

"The Herzog's were great." Coach Mingo explained, "They took care of me while I'm out here trying to find the next Kody!"

On the second leg of his trip Coach Mingo will visit California. The Golden state accounted for six All-UMAC players in 2010.

Coach Mingo will be staying with former Panther great Garrett Vasquez.

Mingo will return Sunday just in time for the Presidents Day Preview Day at Greenville College.

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