Philly Trip Update #1

The 22 players and coaches from the Greenville College Football team left Greenville on Friday March 11th at 4PM ready for a unique spring break experience. On their way to Philadelphia, PA the team stopped in the home town of Offensive Coordinator Robbie Schomaker, Cincinnati, OH. They arrived around 11PM and went right to sleep. In the morning Coach Shoemakers’ parents served the team breakfast and they were on the road by 8AM.

They arrived in Philadelphia around 6:30PM and were served a taco bar dinner. This meal was provided by their hosts the Cornerstone Community Church. The church operates the Miracle House where the team will be sleeping all week.

The Miracle House is named because of how the church acquired the building. A former abandoned house it was notorious for being a safe haven for drug dealers, users and prostitutes. This “dope house” was bought by the church from the city for $1. It is now a place where recovering addicts can meet, worship and sleep if needed.

Sunday kicked off with a great church service. It was followed by an even better lunch. The team was served some of the best chicken and macaroni anyone can remember eating.

After lunch the team headed over to the park where the football camp will be held. “Needles Park” lived up to its name as the team was able to fill a bottle with used drug needles. After an hour or so the park was ready for football! The rest of the afternoon was spent going door to door inviting kids to attend the camp this week.

Sunday night ended with a member of the church giving his testimony to the team. Frank leads the church’s recovery mission and he went into detail about specifically what they are doing to help people in the community.

Head Coach Ordell Walker commented that the team has already seen so much that Jesus is doing in Philadelphia, it’s amazing.

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