Another Habitat Building

The following story originally ran in the February 24th edition of The Greenville Advocate. It has been posted with permission.

Bond County Habitat for Humanity has provided several homes to residents of Bond County. Over the weekend, the final touches were made for a smaller version. With the aid of members of the Greenville College Football Team, Habitat for Humanity will soon be selling chances for the clubhouse, as a fundraiser. The work was done behind Buchheit’s, which donated the materials.

Eric Watherson (left), a representative of Habitat for Humanity, said that football players and coaches began the project on Nov. 19th and 20th of last year. Due to the weather, completion was delayed until last Saturday, when the roof and porch were finished. All of the football team participated in the project on at least one of the days.

Head Coach Ordell Walker (shown sitting on the porch facing the camera) said the project is part of the community service lesson students are taught at the college. “We try to teach our guys to be selfless and do things for other people. This is a way to model that.” Players pictured are Aaron Iramina, Jr., Cody Hutchin and Nathan Woods.

Greenville College Football © 2009 by Jered Schneider.