Philly Trip Update #2

Monday began with an 8AM wake-up call and breakfast for the 22 members of the Greenville College Football Team in Philadelphia, PA. They then broke into four groups to work on different projects to help their hosts the Cornerstone Community Church.

Group 1 started painting the Miracle House. Group 2 started to breaking up the sidewalk in front of the Miracle house in preparation for new cement. Group 3 started the cleaning process of a vacant lot nearby that will be turned into a community garden. Group 4 helped transfer donated food and drinks the team would handout at the camp and cookout later in the day.

After lunch the Panther team kicked off day one of the football camp. They had 65 5-12 year old kids show up ready for some football! Each day of the camp there is a word of the day that will be emphasized to the kids. Monday’s word was discipline. Sophomore WR Cody Hutchin (Portland, OR) and freshman LB Matt Schuman (Geneva, IL) spoke to the group about discipline. Both touched on how discipline helped them not only accomplish goals in football but also how it helped them in their Christian walk.

There were two sessions to the football camp, offensive and defensive/special teams. During the offensive session the kids got to work RB, QB, WR, and OL drills. During the defensive session they worked LB, DB, DL, and kicking drills. Each coach, player and camper had a great time and there should be more kids to teach on Tuesday.

After a little down time the team held a cookout for the community. Unlike a soup kitchen ministry the team served and then ate with the people from the community. It was perfect timing as the cookout started as the A.A. and N.A. meetings were ending. It was a great time for fellowship.

Head Coach Ordell Walker noted, “We found out people are people. They might have a different background or different sins they struggle with but they are still people. We prayed with some people and some prayed for us. It was a great night.

The Cookout ended with echoing “Thank you” and “God bless you” and the team hit the bed early. A good night sleep is needed since every day will be as busy and excited as this one.

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