Philly Trip Update #3

Tuesday began with a hearty breakfast for the team consisting of eggs, sausage and a cherry tomato casserole. This meal would help provide the energy for a busy day in Philadelphia.
The morning was very similar to Monday where the team broke into smaller groups and finished their various projects. The Miracle House painting was completed. The new cement was laid outside and the cleaning and painting of the vacant lot for the community garden was completed. There was a group who started a new task; digging a trench in preparation for future renovation.

After a grilled ham & cheese and tomato soup lunch the team prepped for the afternoon football camp. Tuesday was a day of adjustments as there was an increase of 30 kids to the camp from Monday. The increase tested the organizational skills of the team.

The word of the day for Tuesday was love. Coach Aaron Mingo gave the introduction for the word of the day. He touched on how love is a motivator. It motivates us to be kind to each other, to obey those in authority and to put others before ourselves. He also told the group how it was the love Jesus had for us that allowed him to go on the cross and give his life for us. Senior LB Jumaane Bey (Victorville, CA) and junior DL Jordan Cernek (Clinton, WI) both spoke on how love has impacted their lives.

There was one situation where the word of the day came into play. In one of the lines for a drill a couple of the kids were fighting for a spot in line. Coach Mingo went to them and asked, “What’s the word of the day?” They both responded in unison, “love”. Coach Mingo asked them how can they show love in this situation that they were in. One of the young boys responded to the challenge and let the other boy in front of him in line.

After the camp the team handed out donated Vitamin Waters and sunflower seeds to the campers. After a quick shower they went out for an authentic Philadelphia dinner; cheese steak. They sampled both Pat’s and Geno’s cheese steak and the consensus was that Pat’s had the better sandwich.

After dinner the team traveled to the Philadelphia Art Museum. This is where the famous “Rocky” staircase and statue are located. Coach Jake Schenk was extremely impressed with the unique skyline and architecture which reminded him of places he has seen in Europe.

The team hit the sack around 11PM ready for another great day in the city of Brotherly Love.

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