Philly Trip Update #5

Thursday started with the team working on three different fronts. One group finished digging the trench that will be used for renovation to expand the young adult ministries. The second group cleaned the backyard and alley of the Miracle House so it can be used as a functional space. The third group conducted some street ministry in the area. They approached people and talked to them about Jesus.

Freshman LB Matt Schuman (Geneva, IL) had a dramatic interaction during the street ministry. Schuman went to the park that has held the football camp this week and asked the Lord for guidance on who he should talk to. After this prayer he saw a man by himself on a park bench. Schuman found out quickly that this man was a Christian who had been struggling with addiction and his faith. Just before Schuman approached him he was praying that God would send him help. They talked, read some scripture and prayed. The man was very encouraged and followed up later at the church. There he was able to connect with the pastor. Head Coach Ordell Walker commented that like Schuman, “A lot of guys were getting out of their comfort zone and being filled with the Holly Spirit and preaching the gospel. This is something new for a lot for these guys.”

After lunch the team held the final day of camp. It was exciting to see the kids implementing the different themes that the players and staff had talked about all week. It typical Panther fashion the theme for the final day was finish strong. Coach Jake Schenk gave the opening talk followed by sophomore OL Trendon Amuzie (Grass Valley, CA) and freshman OL Jesse Tyrell (Loveland, CO). The players connected finishing strong in the camp and finishing strong in school. They also talked about how Jesus was the ultimate finisher and how this theme played out in their lives. It was by far the kids’ best day with listening and following direction.

Later that night during the church’s youth program there were 30 new kids who had learned about the program at the football camp. This was very encouraging for the team as they played games with the youth group. During this time Pastor Jeff from the church took some time to speak to the group. It was a very powerful message about the idols we have and laying them down before God. People were responsive and it was evident that the Lord was at work.

Once all of the kids left for the night the team had their own worship and reflection time. Guys talked about how gifted this group was and how they surprised each other. Stereotypes were broken down and they achieved new depths of their relationships. Everyone was being very honest and vulnerable. It was an incredible time of sharing and ministering to each other.

This kept everyone awake late which allowed for a midnight run for two-foot long cheese steak sandwiches and Chinese food. It was a great way to end the time in Philadelphia.

Friday the team will head to New York City for some sightseeing and memory making. Saturday will mark their return to Greenville.

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