College football is the most unique experience there is. Many freshman come into their first season unprepared. They are unaware of what will be required of them. At times it can be a shock to the system. They best way to prevent this shock is to prepare.

With only 17 days until the first practice most of the preparation should be completed. There are still some steps that all players, new and old, should take before arriving in Greenville.

The first step involves a change in your diet. Think of your body as a high performance race car. It would be foolish to put cheap gasoline into that engine.

You body is the same way. Players must cut out all of the junk in their diet immediately. This includes sugary, caffeinated drinks like soda and energy drinks. Fast food would also qualify as junk. It will be much more difficult to stop these habits during camp instead of before.

The second step is cardiovascular training. Football is a game played in short bursts. Players must be training to be explosive.

Adhering to the running program developed by Coach Mingo is the best way to do this. Players should also be running outside. It would be a bad choice to make your first outdoor workout of the summer the same as the first day of practice.

College football is a huge step up from high school. Those who understand this and prepare correctly will find success sooner.

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