Quickly in their career every member of the Greenville College Football program comes to the same realization. They all see that being a student is just as important as being a football player. It will be their degree that leads to a successful career, not the football accolades. Every walk across the stage in May begins with the first day of classes in the fall.

This year the first day of classes for Greenville College students is Wednesday August 31th. Student-athletes at Greenville College can look forward to a wide range of disciplines to major in. From education to business, music to science Greenville allows students to choose what they want to learn.

Former members of the football program have left Greenville and flourished in their respected fields. Our graduates have won state championships, worked as state troopers, won a daytime Emmy, ran a national hotel chain, attended medical school and worked for the FBI.

As the season approaches players must also prepare for the academic load of the fall semester. Are you prepared?

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