Greenville is a Christian college, and the Panthers implement a Biblical philosophy. Spiritual development is an important aspect of both the college and football program. Part of this development is regularly attending church services.

New players should have no problem finding a "home away from home" church in Greenville. There are 19 different churches to attend in the city of Greenville. There are also numerous churches outside of the city limits that are within a reasonable driving distance.

There are no requirements that players regularly
attend church services on Sunday. There will be one Sunday during camp where the team will attend church together. Players will be asked to dress in a business casual fashion, pack accordingly.

Here is a list of all of the local churches. This list was provided by the City of Greenville.

Advent Christian
Church of Christ, 1416 IL RT 140, 618-664-1288

First Apostolic Church, 901 E. City Route 40, 618-664-1451

Assemblies of God
Calvary Temple, 1111 E. College Ave., 618-664-2852

First Baptist Church (American USA), 218 E. South Ave., 618-664-1062

Saint Lawrence Church, 512 South Prairie St., 618-664-3169

Central Christian Church, 205 S. Prairie, 618-664-0802
First Christian Church, 1100 Killarney Dr., 618-664-0350

Church of Christ
Church of Christ, 1416 IL Hwy 140 E., 618-664-1288

Free Methodist
Greenville Free Methodist Church, 1367 E. State Route 140, 618-664-2584
Free Methodist Church - Gateway Conference, 114 N. 2nd St., 618-664-2353
St. Paul's Free Methodist Church, 813 E. College Ave., 618-664-2159

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1540 E. State Route 140, 618-664-0223

First Presbyterian, 501 Idler Ln., 618-664-0942

Southern Baptist
Smith Grove Southern Baptist Church, 949 Airport Ave., 618-664-4177
Wisetown Baptist Church, 173 Wisetown Road, 618-664-3744

United Church of Christ
St. Peters United Church of Christ, 1670 Hookdale Lane, 618-664-2129

United Methodist
First United Methodist Church, 310 S. 2nd St., 618-664-1566

Cross of Victory, 793 US Route 40, 618-664-4980
Mount Zion Temple of Deliverance and Praise, 201 S. Fourth Street, 618-664-3016

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