If the defense is a ship, then the defensive line is the wind in the sails. If the wind is strong and constant, the ship will sail smoothly. If the wind is weak or inconsistent, it forces the ship to over compensate and work harder. Just like the ship, the defense relies on the defensive line to power it through the season.

This season the Panther's return a strong core to their defensive line. SR Jordan Cernek (Clinton, WI) JR KC Gilbert (Indio, CA) and SO Morris Hobson (Cahokia, IL) all started for Greenville last season.

SO Cody Killgore (Washoe, NV), Justin Coleman (Hazelwood, MO), Dalton Sanders (Marshall, IL), Cortez Cogshell (St. Louis, MO), Josh Enloe (O'Fallon, MO), Chris Brooksher (Wright City, MO), and EJ Fridge (Swansea, IL) will all compete with the nine incoming Freshmen for playing time.

Defensive coordinator Jake Schenk commented,"If we can rely on the defensive line to produce consistently this year, our linebackers and secondary will play much better." He continued, "I'm excited to see how our young guys have developed and how the new guys will contribute."

It will be exciting to see how the 2011 defensive line will power the ship.

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