Every good home is built on a solid foundation. On the offense that foundation is the offensive line. For the past two seasons, the Greenville College Panthers have built championship homes on the foundation laid by the offensive line.

Coach Mingo will have another talented group to coach this season. Leading the group this season are juniors Trendon Amuzie (Grass Valley, CA) and Jeremy Burrows (Salem, OR). JR Keith Williams (Cahokia, IL) and SO Jesse Tyrell (Loveland, CO) will be competing to fill the void at center left by former UMAC Lineman of the Year Tim Burroughs.

SR Cole Bailey (Xenia, IL), SO Dan Lewis (Alpena, MI) and SO Seth Marshall (Tangier, IN) are also in the mix for playing time.

The freshman offensive line class is one of the best ever. This is a highly touted group that could see playing time sooner than later. There are 11 new faces spanning 7 different states. This group totes several 1st team All-Conference players, Team MVP’s and one 1st team All-State member.

The offense will go where the line takes it.” Coach Mingo said, “ I know we have enough talent, we’ll just have to see if they are ready to put in the work necessary to close their potential performance gap.

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