Every great program has people behind the scenes that do the dirty work that is necessary for success. At Greenville College we call these people Servant Warriors. The named was coined during the tenure of former head coach Scotty Kessler.

Servant Warriors fill a number of responsibilities. They film practice and games, fix gear, wash practice gear daily, wash game uniforms weekly, assist the training staff, pack, load and unload for away games, and a variety of assorted tasks.

The Servant Warriors are held in high regard at Greenville College. They are as integral to the team as the QB or the head coach. Without them the program would not be defending a UMAC Champions.

This season Turner Vivian will be the head Servant Warrior. He will be the point man between the staff and the other Servant Warriors. Vivian is a senior majoring in criminal justice at Greenville College.

So when you see Turner carrying equipment this season say "Thank you" or an "ATTAWAY!" and let him know his work is recognized and appreciated.

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