When the team wins they get all the credit, when the team loses they get all of the blame. The quarterback position is a fickle one, that requires thick skin and a humble heart to play.

This season the Panthers will rely on their quarterback to lead a high powered offense. Sophomore Brendan Chambers (San Clemente, CA) ended 2010 as the Panthers starter. He needs to have a successful camp to retain that position.

Competing with Chambers will be six other QB’s with varying experience levels. Sophomore TJ Meredith (Pedro Cedro, CA) returns to the Panthers after sitting out the 2010 season.Sophomore Greg Schimke (Tucson, AZ) and Junior Jace Sloan (Hughson, CA) transfer in to Greenville College with some college experience under their belts. True freshman Joey Bauwens (Perryville, MO) Brady Harre (Nashville, IL) and Paul Perugini (Tujunga, CA) will compete with Chambers as well.

Offensive Coordinator Robbie Schomaker talked about the importance of Quarterback play, “No doubt about it the quarterback is the leader of the offense. It starts in the huddle. He must show confidence in both himself and the rest of the guys in that huddle. He also has to know the entire playbook, every ones job on every play. When you combine these two things with talent, watch out!”

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