Good Beard, Better Leadership

 During the season we will be posting weekly player profiles. Tyson Stakes is going to provide the family, friends, fans, and alumni of the Greenville Panthers a deeper view of some of our players. The first installment looks at SO OL Jesse Tyrell (Loveland, CO)

Leadership is a quality that most men and women today steer clear of. Why is that? It could be because leadership comes laden with responsibilities. It could be because many do not think that they are fit for a leadership position. Regardless of the reason for shirking difficult roles, quality leadership is still necessary in any aspect of life, on and off the field. Sophomore Jesse Tyrrell has taken what he has learned playing offensive line for the Panthers and translated it into his role as the Resident Chaplain of 1st Kinney.

I had the chance to sit down with Jesse and discuss his capacity for being a leader of the men on his floor, and the men with whom he grapples the pigskin with on the green of Francis Field.

Tyson Stakes: What influenced your decision to become an RC? 

Jesse Tyrrell: I needed a job and I get paid to be an RC. Also, it’s an opportunity for me to speak God or Life into people. Just to kinda get out of my little world or whatever. 

TS: That’s cool. I respect needing a job. You’ve had to deal with some pretty crazy stuff on your floor already. How has that impacted you, leadership wise? 

JT: Well since it was on the second day of school it kinda threw me. I felt like I was thrown into the deep end pretty quick. It wasn’t overwhelming or anything. I felt prepared. It really wasn’t too big of a deal. 

TS: As a sophomore dealing with a lot of older students over in 1st Kinney, do you ever feel like you don’t really have any real authority or are you shooting for that? 

JT: I don’t see myself as having authority over them. I see myself as a student who has a little more responsibility than they do. I’m there to help them. I’m there to pray for them or be their friend or help them study. I respect them and ask them to respect me. 

TS: That’s a cool perspective to have. Do you think that your experience as an RC is going to help you out on the football field? 

JT: I would say that it’s the other way around; that football has helped me become prepared to be an RC. Football has a lot of adversity and it has helped me be able to deal with that, as Coach Walker says, “As a man, not a boy.” I’ve learned that I shouldn’t avoid conflict and just because I have conflict in my life I shouldn’t run from it but, deal with it in the proper way that it should be dealt with. 

TS: Do you have something cool that you like to do or any hobby outside of football?

JT: I can play guitar… kinda (laughs). Let’s just say I can grow a pretty nice beard.

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