UMAC Chat Wrap

Yesterday Head Coach Ordell Walker participated in a 30 minute chat session with four other UMAC coaches. It was a open forum where fans, friends and alumni could ask any question. Here is a summary of the questions that Coach Walker answered in the session. To read the full chat go here.

Coaches - what one player on offense and one player on defense from your team should fans be watching out for this season?

Comment From Ordell Walker  
One player on offense would be QB Brendan Chambers and Defensively safety Andy Lozano. Both are talented and have experience.

Comment From Harry  
Are any of you (coaches) on Twitter?

Comment From Ordell Walker  
Yes I mess around with twitter a little bit. Twitter name @coach_walk

Comment From Jared  
Coaches- It seems that every year each team's roster becomes more diverse in terms of players from different states. Is it key to bring in out of state talent to incorporate with the regional players that are already playing to be successful or not?

Comment From Ordell Walker  
Since Greenville is a Christian school that is serious about its integration of faith in athletics it is a necessity to expand our recruiting territory to find players who fit the school. We also love the diversity of backgrounds recruiting nationally brings to southern Illinois.

Comment From Francis  
Coach Walker, You lost a large part of your offense with the graduation of Tony Anbers. How do you replace that?

Comment From Ordell Walker  
Francis, there is no way we can replace a guy as talented as Anthony Ambers. We hope a variety of different guys in different positions can share the load.

Comment From Harry  
Coaches, what is your "red letter game" this season?

Comment From Ordell Walker  
No red letter game for us. That is the great thing about college football they are all huge.

Comment From Harry HS  
Coach Walker: What do you attribute most to your teams success over the past several seasons?

Comment From Ordell Walker  
Harry, we have been praying a lot. And each year we have been able to retain some players. Which in my early years here was a struggle. The players who have stayed have bought into the way we try to do football. Being on the same page philosophically is very important to us.

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