Super Seniors

During the season we will be posting weekly player profiles. Tyson Stakes is going to provide the family, friends, fans, and alumni of the Greenville Panthers a deeper view of some of our players. The final installment looks at senior safeties John Smith (Aurora, IL) and Andy Lozano (Desert Hot Springs, CA).

Tyson Stakes: The season is over now, and you guys are both seniors. How are you feeling about the way the final chapter in your college football career is done?

Andy Lozano: You always want your last game to be the winning game. but at the same time, being on the defense, we just played our best game we played at the Victory Bowl.

John Smith: I think before the game Kiso said to me and Andy, "You know, after the game you should feel we left it all on the field, don't save your energy for anything because this is it." I think that helped us play really hard. Even though we lost, it wasn't the loss that made us feel sad. I think we were sad about not being able to play any more games together, rather than the loss itself.

Andy: I think it's funny because the night before, John and I were in the hotel room. Some freshman asked us how we feel and it hit us then. It's like you don't think about it until it's happening. You look at everyone's faces and you know you're all never going to be in the same place again. Coach Gaylord throwing a football at my head...

John: He threw a football at your head?

Andy: Yeah!

Tyson: That's really tender. (Laughs). So John you're a DM major and Andy, what major are you?

Andy: I'm going to be a double major in Adult Fitness and Biology.

Tyson: That's really cool. What are your plans after you graduate? How are you going to impact the world?

Andy: I'm going back to live my parents for the next 20 years! Just kidding! (Laughter).

John: I don't really have any jobs set up for as soon as I graduate, but I'm interested in doing videos. Possibly overseas for ministries. This interterm I'm going on a trip to Bolivia to do exactly that. We're going to be doing a video for a ministry called Operation Restoration. They take children off the street, put them homes, feed them, clothe them, educate them and then they present the Gospel to them after all that. So yeah, we're going down there to make a 20 minute video to promote their ministry. And, I think, I'd like to do something along those lines post-college.

Andy: I'm not sure what I want to do but the thing I'm leaning to is going to Logan College of Chiropractic. They offer sports rehab major, and masters programs. Also, in February I'm doing a football camp combine with Ryan Boezeman. I'm not completely done with football and I want to see if I can make it to the next level. I think I'll give it one more chance to see if I can take it farther. I'm also interested in the Navy. There's just so many things. Maybe even a Pokémon Master. (Laughs).

Tyson: I've already been the Pokémon Master for quite some time. (Much laughter). Having been on the football team all four years, and having interacted with the coaches and the players, what has been the main impact of your college career?

Andy: I think the main message of EMAP is: BE A MAN. If there was one thing that the program has taught me it's the fact that your commitment should not be based on the level of glamor of being on the football team.

John: To add onto that, always play hard and practice hard even though you're not going to play in front of 50,000 people, you might only be playing in front of a few hundred.

Tyson: Alright thanks guys. I wish you luck in your various post-collegiate pursuits!

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