2011 Top 5 Memories

2011 was one of the most memorable years in the history of the Greenville College Football program. On this the last day of 2011 we wanted to look back and rank our top 5 EMAP memories. It was such a great year we couldn't settle for only 5!

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5a. 2011 NCAA Victory Bowl

For the third time in Greenville College history the Panthers were invited to the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) National Championship game bowl game. The "Victory Bowl" took place in Campbellsville, KY as the Panthers took on the Tigers of Campbellesville University. The bowl included a service project and a banquet. You can see highlights (both good and not so good) here.

5b. Championship Play, Championship Lives Bowl

For the first time in Panthers history the legends of the past suited up again to once again reign terror on Francis Field. On the Friday of Homecoming weekend the JV Panthers took on a team made up of former Panthers. Over 30 Greenville College alumni suited up for the game. The success of this game will ensure a 2012 CPCL Bowl.

4.  Senior Day Comeback

With one quarter to play the Panthers faced a 23 point deficit and it seemed that this 2011 Senior Day would end in defeat. Unfortunately for the Northwestern Eagles23 points was not enough to slay the mighty Panthers. Greenville College  scored all of their points in the 4th quarter to defeate the Eagles 27-23. The final touchdown  was scored by SO RB Immanuel Gamble.

3. Terminator Olympics

The last day of spring practices was a night to remember for the Panthers. A full night of competetion included a P90X workouts, a dance contest, arm wrestling, towel contest and a jog to the Brinier building and back. The Olympiad ended in the early morning with a well earned breakfast. SO LB Cody Lopez took top honors that night but every Panther involved will remember that night.

2. Philly Trip

The 22 players and coaches from the Greenville College Football team left Greenville on Friday March 11th at 4PM ready for a unique spring break experience. The team traveled to Philadelphia, PA for a  spring break missions trip. While in Philly  the team cleaned a park, ran a football camp, spread the gospel of Jesus and provided some labor for different community projects. It was a memorable trip for everyone who went.

1. The Eureka Game

In the middle of October the Panthers traveled to Eureka, IL to battle UMAC foe Eureka College. The game would be the most memorable of the season. With seven seconds remaining in the game the Panthers faced a 3rd down on the Eureka seven yard line, down 28-33. It was SO QB Brendan Chambers ) who found SR WR Ryan Boezeman in the end zone for the go ahead score.

The winning drive for the Panthers began 10 plays earlier and 53 yards away from the end zone. Greenville had just watched their 15 point lead vanish after the third 4th quarter Eureka touchdown. The drive included two huge plays; a 21 yard pass from Chambers to SR TE Demontrez Simington on a 3rd and 9 and a 23 yard pass from Chambers to FR WR Trik Scott. After the Boezeman touchdown, Greenville held off a Eureka Hail Mary attempt when SR DB John Smith intercepted the pass as time expired

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