Class of 2015 Part 4

Mason Akers

Hometown: Bridgeport, IL

High School: Red Hill Salukis

Position: WR

Awards: Senior Athlete Award, Wabash Valley Coaches Association All-Wabash Valley Team

Major: Sports Management

Coach Rode, “Mason is going to have a big impact on this program. He brings a lot of athleticism and playmaking ability to the wide receiver position. His work ethic and character will be exemplified by his enthusiasm on and off the field. He is going to truly be a blessing in this program as a student, leader, and athlete.”

Chris Pugh

Hometown: Carbondale, IL

High School: Carbondale Terriers

Position: OL

Awards: 1st Team All-Conference, Most improved Lineman, Hit Stick Award

Major: Criminal Justice

Coach Schenk, “Chris is another 618 guy that we are excited to have at Greenville. I feel like he is as excited about being here as we are as having him. I know Chris will grow and develop as a man and as a player from being a part of this program! He is another 1st team all-conference OL that we have signed and can’t wait for him to get started in our program!”

Kohl Arnett

Hometown: Nortonville, KY

High School: Hopkins County Central Storm

Position: DL

Awards: Larry Carney Leadership Award

Major: Special Education

Coach Schomaker, “Kohl’s is terrific young man who will add high academics, character and hustle to the program. Kohl has a great motor on the football field, that along with his tremendous length make him a difficult player for offenses to block. He will be a tremendous addition to the program next year. Kohl’s father also attended Greenville College where he was one of the top athletes during his time here.”

Justin Williams

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

High School: North County Technical Golden Eagles

Position: LB

Awards: 2009 Defensive MVP

Major: Criminal Justice

Coach Gaylord, “We are very excited to have Justin on campus next fall. He hasn’t played in a year so there will be an adjustment period but, we feel like he will progress exponentially. On campus he will be looked upon to show the out of state guys what it is like to live in the Midwest. He will have a great career here and we can’t wait for him to start!”

Jordan Cook

Hometown: Princeton, IN

High School: Mount Carmel (IL) Golden Aces

Position: OL

Major: Special Education

Coach Mingo, “Jordan possesses a very big frame and strength. He will add a lot of size to the offensive line. Jordan has a very positive attitude and will be a guy that embodies a lot of our core principles in the program.”


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All-State O-Lineman Oldcroft Headlines Class of 2015 Part 3

Jake Oldcroft

Hometown: O'Fallon, MO

High School: Fort Zumwalt West Jaguars

Position: OL

Awards: Missouri Football Coaches Association 1st Team All-State, 1st Team All-Conference

Major: Criminal Justice

Coach Mingo, “Jake is one of the most highly touted recruits in GC history. He was a part of a great high school program that made it to the Missouri class 6A state-semifinals last year and he himself was recognized by being awarded 1st team all-state. His work ethic is second to none. He will be a player who we will look to make an immediate impact both on the field with his play and off the field with his leadership ability.”

Blaine Mohart

Hometown: Festus, MO

High School: Hillsboro Hawks

Position: DL

Awards: 1st Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-District, Academic All-Conference

Major: Undecided

Coach Schomaker, “Blaine excels in three categories we look for in a Greenville football player. He has high Christian character, does well in the class room and is a talented football player. He has a great frame and a quick first step that will help him have a successful career at Greenville College.”

Clay Buhler

Hometown: Houston, TX

High School: Langham Creek Lobos

Position: LB

Awards: All-District Defense, Fighting Heart Award

Major: Business Management and Religion

Coach Schenk, “I am very excited that Clay is coming to Greenville. He chose Greenville College over some very good schools like Howard Payne, Malone and Taylor. He is a guy who is familiar with how we do football here and his leadership will be crucial to the development of our team. I believe Clay’s hard work will bring him success here at Greenville.”

Michael Bryant

Hometown: Mt. Vernon, IL

High School: Mt. Vernon Rams

Position: LB

Awards: All-South Seven Conference Team

Major: Criminal Justice

Coach Schenk, “I am excited to have Michael join us this fall. He is a local guy who will further establish the strength of our team which is our southern Illinois core. He is an athletic guy who is a great fit for our system. I can’t wait for the next four years with Michael.”

Joe Krabbe

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

High School: Affton Cougars

Position: LB

Awards: 2010 Suburban East All-Conference Team

Major: Physical Education

Coach Schomaker, “Joe is a high motor football player who loves Jesus. He will bring a servants heart and Christian Leadership to the Greenville program. We are very excited to have Joe join our program in the fall.”


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Class of 2015 Part 2

Joe Schoepf

Hometown: New Port Richey, FL

High School: River Ridge Royal Knights

Position: OL

Awards: All-Conference, All-County, All-North Suncoast

Major: Pre-Med

Coach Gaylord, “You cannot find a higher quality athlete with a higher quality of character than Joe. He will be a guy that will make a difference on this campus during his four years at Greenville. I am intrigued to see how his career plays out with the highest expectations."

Bryan Waugh

Hometown: Granite City, IL

High School: Granite City Warriors

Position: OL

Awards: All-Conference, Belleville-News Democrat All-Area

Major: Criminal Justice

Coach Gaylord, “We are very excited to have Bryan as a part of the program next season. He is a guy who has been successful against some of the best competition in the country. His leadership ability and his work in the classroom will help us take the next steps as a program."

Jacob Bronars

Hometown: Lee Summit, MO

High School: Christ Prep Academy

Position: LB

Awards: NACA All-Tournament, Defensive MVP, Ironman Award

Major: Pre-Physical Therapy

Coach Schenk, “Jacob is exactly the type of guy we want here at Greenville. He is used to Christian competition and the concept of Biblical football won’t be foreign to him. My expectation is that he will be a immediate leader on campus and will help us get to the next level as a program.”

Jordan Ward

Hometown: Owensboro, KY

High School: McLean County Cougars

Position: P

Awards: Special Teams Player of the Year, All-Area

Major: Biology

Coach Schomaker, “Jordan fills a big need for in 2011. He is a blue collar hard working kid who gets things done both on and off the field as he held a 3.2 GPA in high school. He has the ability to change field position at any point in the game with his leg.”

Sean Snyder

Hometown: Fox River Grove, IL

High School: Barrington Broncos

Position: RB

Awards: 2010 Varsity

Major: Education

Coach Schomaker, “Sean fits the attitude and Character of EMAP football and will bring a lot in the area of leadership. Sean comes from a very successful high school program and will bring a winning attitude to the Panthers. He has a strong desire to be great and won’t let anything in his way."


Philly Trip Update #5

Thursday started with the team working on three different fronts. One group finished digging the trench that will be used for renovation to expand the young adult ministries. The second group cleaned the backyard and alley of the Miracle House so it can be used as a functional space. The third group conducted some street ministry in the area. They approached people and talked to them about Jesus.

Freshman LB Matt Schuman (Geneva, IL) had a dramatic interaction during the street ministry. Schuman went to the park that has held the football camp this week and asked the Lord for guidance on who he should talk to. After this prayer he saw a man by himself on a park bench. Schuman found out quickly that this man was a Christian who had been struggling with addiction and his faith. Just before Schuman approached him he was praying that God would send him help. They talked, read some scripture and prayed. The man was very encouraged and followed up later at the church. There he was able to connect with the pastor. Head Coach Ordell Walker commented that like Schuman, “A lot of guys were getting out of their comfort zone and being filled with the Holly Spirit and preaching the gospel. This is something new for a lot for these guys.”

After lunch the team held the final day of camp. It was exciting to see the kids implementing the different themes that the players and staff had talked about all week. It typical Panther fashion the theme for the final day was finish strong. Coach Jake Schenk gave the opening talk followed by sophomore OL Trendon Amuzie (Grass Valley, CA) and freshman OL Jesse Tyrell (Loveland, CO). The players connected finishing strong in the camp and finishing strong in school. They also talked about how Jesus was the ultimate finisher and how this theme played out in their lives. It was by far the kids’ best day with listening and following direction.

Later that night during the church’s youth program there were 30 new kids who had learned about the program at the football camp. This was very encouraging for the team as they played games with the youth group. During this time Pastor Jeff from the church took some time to speak to the group. It was a very powerful message about the idols we have and laying them down before God. People were responsive and it was evident that the Lord was at work.

Once all of the kids left for the night the team had their own worship and reflection time. Guys talked about how gifted this group was and how they surprised each other. Stereotypes were broken down and they achieved new depths of their relationships. Everyone was being very honest and vulnerable. It was an incredible time of sharing and ministering to each other.

This kept everyone awake late which allowed for a midnight run for two-foot long cheese steak sandwiches and Chinese food. It was a great way to end the time in Philadelphia.

Friday the team will head to New York City for some sightseeing and memory making. Saturday will mark their return to Greenville.


Philly Trip Update #4

Wednesday was another eventful and exciting day for the 22 members of the Greenville College Football program that chose to spend their spring break serving others in Philadelphia, PA.

After a quick breakfast the team headed out to bless others with physical labor. The team worked on various handy projects that would benefit the Miracle House. A hardy chili lunch gave the team the energy needed for their afternoon.

In day three of the football camp the team saw another increase in campers. Over 100 5-12 year old’s showed up ready to learn football basics from the back-to-back UMAC Champion Panther players and coaches. Before the football instruction began the kids were told the word of the day. On Wednesday it was teamwork.

It was explained to the kids how working with others is more beneficial than just working alone. Freshman LB Monte Beverly (Cahokia, IL) and freshman RB Immanuel Gamble (St. Louis, MO) shared to the group different times in their lives when teamwork was essential. They also touched on how teamwork can help you in every aspect in your life not just football.

After the camp the team had a great dinner with fellowship. They then participated in an evangelism coffee house. The team walked the streets of Philadelphia approaching whomever they saw and engaged them in conversation. The goal was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with whoever was willing to hear it. Head Coach Ordell Walker was very proud of the team saying that, “It was a unbelievable day and night. We did some street evangelism and God was with us. Guys were certainly filled with the Holy Spirit and preached boldly.”

Thursday will be the last day for the football camp and their last night working with the Cornerstone Community Church who has been their host all week. Friday the team will travel to New York City before returning to Greenville on Saturday.

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Philly Trip Update #3

Tuesday began with a hearty breakfast for the team consisting of eggs, sausage and a cherry tomato casserole. This meal would help provide the energy for a busy day in Philadelphia.
The morning was very similar to Monday where the team broke into smaller groups and finished their various projects. The Miracle House painting was completed. The new cement was laid outside and the cleaning and painting of the vacant lot for the community garden was completed. There was a group who started a new task; digging a trench in preparation for future renovation.

After a grilled ham & cheese and tomato soup lunch the team prepped for the afternoon football camp. Tuesday was a day of adjustments as there was an increase of 30 kids to the camp from Monday. The increase tested the organizational skills of the team.

The word of the day for Tuesday was love. Coach Aaron Mingo gave the introduction for the word of the day. He touched on how love is a motivator. It motivates us to be kind to each other, to obey those in authority and to put others before ourselves. He also told the group how it was the love Jesus had for us that allowed him to go on the cross and give his life for us. Senior LB Jumaane Bey (Victorville, CA) and junior DL Jordan Cernek (Clinton, WI) both spoke on how love has impacted their lives.

There was one situation where the word of the day came into play. In one of the lines for a drill a couple of the kids were fighting for a spot in line. Coach Mingo went to them and asked, “What’s the word of the day?” They both responded in unison, “love”. Coach Mingo asked them how can they show love in this situation that they were in. One of the young boys responded to the challenge and let the other boy in front of him in line.

After the camp the team handed out donated Vitamin Waters and sunflower seeds to the campers. After a quick shower they went out for an authentic Philadelphia dinner; cheese steak. They sampled both Pat’s and Geno’s cheese steak and the consensus was that Pat’s had the better sandwich.

After dinner the team traveled to the Philadelphia Art Museum. This is where the famous “Rocky” staircase and statue are located. Coach Jake Schenk was extremely impressed with the unique skyline and architecture which reminded him of places he has seen in Europe.

The team hit the sack around 11PM ready for another great day in the city of Brotherly Love.

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Philly Trip Update #2

Monday began with an 8AM wake-up call and breakfast for the 22 members of the Greenville College Football Team in Philadelphia, PA. They then broke into four groups to work on different projects to help their hosts the Cornerstone Community Church.

Group 1 started painting the Miracle House. Group 2 started to breaking up the sidewalk in front of the Miracle house in preparation for new cement. Group 3 started the cleaning process of a vacant lot nearby that will be turned into a community garden. Group 4 helped transfer donated food and drinks the team would handout at the camp and cookout later in the day.

After lunch the Panther team kicked off day one of the football camp. They had 65 5-12 year old kids show up ready for some football! Each day of the camp there is a word of the day that will be emphasized to the kids. Monday’s word was discipline. Sophomore WR Cody Hutchin (Portland, OR) and freshman LB Matt Schuman (Geneva, IL) spoke to the group about discipline. Both touched on how discipline helped them not only accomplish goals in football but also how it helped them in their Christian walk.

There were two sessions to the football camp, offensive and defensive/special teams. During the offensive session the kids got to work RB, QB, WR, and OL drills. During the defensive session they worked LB, DB, DL, and kicking drills. Each coach, player and camper had a great time and there should be more kids to teach on Tuesday.

After a little down time the team held a cookout for the community. Unlike a soup kitchen ministry the team served and then ate with the people from the community. It was perfect timing as the cookout started as the A.A. and N.A. meetings were ending. It was a great time for fellowship.

Head Coach Ordell Walker noted, “We found out people are people. They might have a different background or different sins they struggle with but they are still people. We prayed with some people and some prayed for us. It was a great night.

The Cookout ended with echoing “Thank you” and “God bless you” and the team hit the bed early. A good night sleep is needed since every day will be as busy and excited as this one.

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Philly Trip Update #1

The 22 players and coaches from the Greenville College Football team left Greenville on Friday March 11th at 4PM ready for a unique spring break experience. On their way to Philadelphia, PA the team stopped in the home town of Offensive Coordinator Robbie Schomaker, Cincinnati, OH. They arrived around 11PM and went right to sleep. In the morning Coach Shoemakers’ parents served the team breakfast and they were on the road by 8AM.

They arrived in Philadelphia around 6:30PM and were served a taco bar dinner. This meal was provided by their hosts the Cornerstone Community Church. The church operates the Miracle House where the team will be sleeping all week.

The Miracle House is named because of how the church acquired the building. A former abandoned house it was notorious for being a safe haven for drug dealers, users and prostitutes. This “dope house” was bought by the church from the city for $1. It is now a place where recovering addicts can meet, worship and sleep if needed.

Sunday kicked off with a great church service. It was followed by an even better lunch. The team was served some of the best chicken and macaroni anyone can remember eating.

After lunch the team headed over to the park where the football camp will be held. “Needles Park” lived up to its name as the team was able to fill a bottle with used drug needles. After an hour or so the park was ready for football! The rest of the afternoon was spent going door to door inviting kids to attend the camp this week.

Sunday night ended with a member of the church giving his testimony to the team. Frank leads the church’s recovery mission and he went into detail about specifically what they are doing to help people in the community.

Head Coach Ordell Walker commented that the team has already seen so much that Jesus is doing in Philadelphia, it’s amazing.

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Class of 2015 Part 1

AJ Woods
Hometown: Robinson, IL
High School: Robinson HS Maroons
Position: DB
Awards: Co-Caption 2010
Major: Pre-Law
Coach Mingo, “AJ is a very talented athlete and will be a guy who will make a great impact on the defense. AJ has great leadership potential, and I am excited to see how well he closes his potential performance gap both on and off the field. ”

Chris Storey

Hometown: Nashville, IL
High School: Nashville Community HS Hornets
Position: LB
Awards: All-Conference '09, '10 Team Caption'09, '10 Hornet Award '10
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Schenk, “Chris is a natural leader. He is a guy who will help solidify Greenville College’s roots in Southern Illinois and be a rock of this program. We can’t wait to have Chris on campus.”

Andre Lewis

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Gateway Institute of Technology HS Jaguars
Position: DL
Awards: All-Conference 2010
Major: Computer Science
Coach Schomaker, “We are looking forward for another student from Gateway Tech to attend Greenville College. Andre will be a guy who puts his stamp on this school and this program and we are excited to see him in the fall.”

Caleb Fannon

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Fort Zumwalt West HS Jaguars
Position: OL
Awards: All-Conference 2010
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Mingo, “I am very excited about Caleb. He works very hard in the classroom and in the weight room. He has a ton of potential and will be a great addition the offensive line.”

Brady Harre

Hometown: Nashville, IL
High School: Nashville Community HS Hornets
Position: QB
Awards: All-Conference 2010, Belleville-News Democrat All-Area 2010, NCHS Tom Luczaj Award 2010
Major: Biology
Coach Schenk, “We are very excited to have Brady as a Panther. He brings so much to the table leadership, sportsmanship and an appetite for academics. He is not only a great student but a smart football player who will make quite an impact on this program.”


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Big Time at the Fitness Center


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Another Habitat Building

The following story originally ran in the February 24th edition of The Greenville Advocate. It has been posted with permission.

Bond County Habitat for Humanity has provided several homes to residents of Bond County. Over the weekend, the final touches were made for a smaller version. With the aid of members of the Greenville College Football Team, Habitat for Humanity will soon be selling chances for the clubhouse, as a fundraiser. The work was done behind Buchheit’s, which donated the materials.

Eric Watherson (left), a representative of Habitat for Humanity, said that football players and coaches began the project on Nov. 19th and 20th of last year. Due to the weather, completion was delayed until last Saturday, when the roof and porch were finished. All of the football team participated in the project on at least one of the days.

Head Coach Ordell Walker (shown sitting on the porch facing the camera) said the project is part of the community service lesson students are taught at the college. “We try to teach our guys to be selfless and do things for other people. This is a way to model that.” Players pictured are Aaron Iramina, Jr., Cody Hutchin and Nathan Woods.

Greenville College Football © 2009 by Jered Schneider.