Cole Bailey: Front Page Panther

Senior offensive lineman Cole Bailey (Xenia, IL) was recently profiled in the Clay County Republican. The paper focused on Bailey's unique journey that led him the the Greenville College starting lineup.  In the story Bailey talked about his journey,  

"As far as college football, it was more like a dream but when I transferred to Greenville it be came a pretty real opportunity. "My first year there I decided to focus on school but ended up making friends with some guys on the team and decided to go for it."

Bailey also touched on his first conversation with Head Coach Ordell Walker,  

"At our first conversation, I was pretty intimidated. Coach Walker’s main goal was to make sure that if I joined that I would be dedicated to the program and not walk away half way through."

Bailey ended the article with his message to anyone interested in playing football at the next level,

"I would most definitely recommend all sports to anyone that is interested. I believe that sports have a quality that connects people in a way that no other organizations or activities could ever do. A bond is built that is unlike any other and it provides a unique way to connect to the school and to the community there."

You can download the PDF and read the entire article here.

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