National Signing Day

“National Signing Day” has become quite an event for high school seniors and college football programs. February 1st is the first day high school seniors can sign their National Letter of Intent (NLI) for the NCAA Division I and II University they plan on attending.

Just like many schools Greenville College is in the midst of their recruiting season. Since there is plenty of confusion surrounding signing day and the NLI we thought we would talk with Coach Robbie Schomaker, the Offensive Coordinator and Recruiting Coordinator for the Greenville College Panthers.

Can Greenville College participate in “National Signing Day”?

“No. Just like all NCAA Division III schools Greenville College does not participate in the “National Signing Day”.

How does a recruit commit to Greenville College?

"When a student athlete decides to attend Greenville College and become a member of the football team they commit in the same way a regular student would. There is a housing form every student must fill out and turn in along with a $200 housing deposit that will go towards the fall tuition."

Can you publicize a commitment?

"Absolutely! We know that this is one of the most important decision any one can make. We want to celebrate the decision just like Mizzou and Ohio State do. Players who commit can come to Greenville for a commitment celebration. They will then be profiled on our website."

Hopefully Coach Schomaker has answered any questions about signing day. If you would like more information please contact Coach Schomaker at 618-664-6727 or robbie.schomaker@greenville.edu

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