Next Level Panther

On March 3rd, SR TE Demontrez Simington (Atlanta, GA) took one step closer to fulfilling his dream of playing professional football after college. Demontrez participated in an NFL Regional Combine event at the Chicago Bears practice facility in Lake Forest, IL.

The event gave an opportunity for college athletes to display their skills in front of various scouts including many NFL representatives. Approximately 100 athletes participated in the combine and put their talents on display. Testing was done in the 40 yard dash, 20 yard short shuttle, and vertical jump. Various position drills were completed as well.

When asked about his performance Demontrez replied, 

 “ I felt good about my performance. I felt like my 20 yard short shuttle and vertical jump displayed my athleticism well. I felt the best about the position drills that included various route running drills and making different types of catches.”

When asked about his preparation for the combine Demontrez stated,  

“ I felt good about my preparation. SR DB’s John Smith and Andy Lozano have really helped me develop the work ethic to get me to this point. JR QB Jace Sloan has been very helpful and encouraging as well. He throws to me almost every day which allows me to work on my receiving skills.” 

“I also really appreciate Coach Schomaker and the way he has helped me grow as a man. We meet once a week and talk about life. He has been such a great supporter and mentor for me. My parents and girlfriend Philita have also encouraged me greatly throughout this process and I don’t know where I would be without them.”

So, what is the next step after participating in the NFL regional Combine?  

“I just have to keep training and working hard. I need to work on improving my 40 time and keep grinding away in the weight room. In order to reach my goals I must work hard and keep my eye on the prize. Being at the NFL Regional Combine was a great experience to see what other competition looks like. It gave me a great idea how I measured up and it only makes me more determined to keep working. I have a CFL tryout on May 5th at the University of Cincinnati that I am looking forward to.”

Demontrez is a two-time UMAC all-conference TE and recorded a team-high 40 receptions for 687 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2011.

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