Class of 2016: Part 10

Tanner Volkman
Hometown: Lawrenceville, IL
High School: Lawrenceville High
Position: RB
Awards: 1st Team All-Conference
Vincennes Sun-Commercial All Area Team
Wabash Valley All-Star
Wabash Valley Honorable Mention
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Rode: “Tanner did it all at his high school. He brings a lot of athleticism and football knowledge to the team. We are very excited to watch him grow as he specializes his talents as a running back. His play making ability will add a lot of depth to our very dynamic offense.”

Tremil Okoebor
Hometown: Compton, CA
School: El Camino College
Position: RB
Major: Business Management
Coach Schomaker: “Tremil comes in with a chance to impact our RB position right away. He played with former Greenville greats Anthony Ambers and Jumanne Bey in high school and we think he can leave the same type of legacy.”

Marques Goodwine
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
School: Delta College
Position: WR
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Rode: “Marques has worked very hard to get himself to the position of going to college and playing football. We are very proud of who he is and the growth that we will see in him over the next 4 years. He will add a lot of depth to our core of wide receivers this year.”

Phillip “Chase” Willison
Hometown: Harrisburg, IL
High School: Chester High
Position: TE
Major: Undecided
Coach Mingo: “I am excited that Chase has decided to come to GC. Chase is a unique recruit for us, having been in the Navy for the past 4 years. He will bring great discipline, work ethic, and leadership to this program. I am excited to see what he can accomplish here.”

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