Location Change for Saturday's Season Opener vs. Millikin

The Panther's Season Opener vs. Millikin has changed locations.  The game will now be played at District 7 Stadium in Edwardsville, IL. Kickoff is scheduled for 1 PM CST and this is the first game for each team.  Fans should note that the parking at the stadium and admission is free.  Remember to wear your Black and Orange and come out to support the Panthers as they kick off the 2012 season!


Game Week 1: Do You Know OL Jeremy Burrows?

Be sure to tune in next week for two new faces!


Game Week 1: Getting to Know A Panther Pt. 1


Introduction to Garrett Orr

Garrett Orr is the newest hire on the Greenville College Football staff. Coach Orr will be coaching the running backs this fall. He played varsity football and also served as an offensive intern for two years at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. EMAP Nation had a moment to put Coach Orr on the ‘hot seat.’ 

Q: Hey Garrett, tell us a little bit about your background.
A: Starting off with my family, my parents’ names are Peter and Andrea Orr. I’m the youngest of three brothers, Scott being the oldest and Derek being the middle. After living in New Jersey as a child I moved to my home town of Easton, Pennsylvania. Growing up, I was blessed to be part of a family where both my grandfathers were pastors. I’m coming to Greenville after 6 years at Muhlenberg College, 4 of them as a player and 2 as the Tight Ends coach.

Q: How does Allentown differ from Greenville?
A: First off, Allentown is a city of about 110,000 people so the claimed 7,000 of Greenville is quite a difference. But a big positive about Greenville is how flat it is out here. There is no such thing as flat land in Pennsylvania. Anywhere. So riding my bike to work isn’t a big deal around here.

Q: Greenville Football is no ordinary program. What attracted you to Greenville College?
A: I found out that Greenville College and Muhlenberg College are incredibly different schools. Although I absolutely loved my time at Muhlenberg, I felt that as a Christian I had plateaued and was close to becoming complacent. I needed to shake things up. After doing my due diligence and a lot of praying, I knew that Greenville would be the opportunity I needed to keep my eyes and heart on Christ.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
A: Free time hasn’t come around all that often since I came out to Greenville in late July. But one of the things that I couldn’t do without is my political conversations with Coach Mingo. When I have free time I don’t like to stay really busy. I love to be able to sit around, do nothing, and just hang out with my roommates.

Q: So far, what have you enjoyed most about Greenville?
A: I’ve been in Greenville since July 23rd and besides going to church, I haven’t done anything outside of football. Coming to a completely new offense and position group means was a lot of learning going on for me. I enjoy learning about different ways of playing and coaching the game of football. One change that I also really like is that the pace of life seems to slow down in the Midwest. Getting away from the constant hurry of the East Coast has been a relief.

Q: If you could choose your roommate on road trips, which coach would you choose? Why?
A: So there are three things that I tried to take into account for this question and in order of importance: 
1) If you can control the temperature where do you like it?
2) Do you snore?
3) How late do you like to stay up?
After polling the coaches, I’d have to go with Robbie Schomaker

Q: We hear you have an “old soul” when it comes to music. So what kind of music do you enjoy?
A: I'm a big fan of classic rock, 70's in general and a bunch of music from the 80's. With certain kinds of music, like hard rock and metal, I only like a few particular bands. Country doesn't do much for me either (again there are only a few artists that I care to listen to). Rap, R&B, and hip-hop are probably the last kinds of music that I would listen to.


Apparel Available for Alumni, Family, and Fans

Another exciting aspect of Greenville College Football has been its relationship with Nike as its exclusive outfitter for apparel. This means that all new uniforms, cleats, gloves, and clothing worn by the team will be made by Nike.

The deal with Nike also allows fans, family, and alumni the ability to purchase Greenville College Football gear on-line. Beginning Friday, August 24th and until Sunday, September 9th purchases can be made by clicking on the link here and following the instructions.


Greenville Reveals 2012-13 Terminator Club

The fall of 2012 not only marks the beginning of a new football season, but also the revealing of the 2012-13 Terminator Club. Fans of the Terminator movies series are familiar with the image of the Terminator; a man-like machine that will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission. This is what we want our players to model. We want a team full of Terminators. In the class room, on the field, and in their spiritual life we want TERMINATORS!

During the 2011-12 school year the members of the Greenville College Football team competed to be a member of the Terminator Club. The players competed in the weight room, on the field, in the community, and in the classroom.

One of the largest individual competitions took place during the last week of spring football practices where the Terminator Olympics was held. The Terminator Olympics was an entire night full of competitions that included dance-offs, relay races, trivia, weightlifting, and various other events.

When all of the points were tallied the following 11 players were named into the Terminator club: Jeremy Burrows (Salem, OR), Hunter Rone (Macedonia, IL), Brendan Chambers (San Clemente, CA), Kirk Pearce (Rialto, CA), Matt Schuman (Geneva, IL), Jesse Tyrell (Loveland, CO),Josh Frewin (Payson, AZ), Cody Hutchin (Portland, OR), Cody Lopez (Bonita, CA), Jace Sloan (Hughson, CA), and Immanuel Gamble (St. Louis, MO).

Members of the Terminator Club will receive some preferential treatment. They will be on the cover of the media guide, they are able to choose their jersey number, they will be first to eat during game day breakfast and other similar perks.

New players should model themselves after the members of the Terminator Club. These guys have been best over the past year when it comes to modeling core principles in the program and we are happy to recognize them.


5 Panthers Named to 2012 NCCAA Pre-Season All-American Team

Due to the success of Panther football in recent years, there has also been an increase in individual recognition for many players. Last week the National Christian College Athletic Association released their list of recipients for the 2012 NCCAA Pre-Season All-American team. Players that received the recognition included senior offensive lineman Jeremy Burrows, senior offensive lineman Trendon Amuzie, and senior running back Bobby Hughley. On the defensive side of the ball senior defensive lineman K.C. Gilbert and junior linebacker Cody Lopez were recipients of the recognition as well. Last season, Greenville participated in the NCCAA’s Victory Bowl against Campbellsville University.

When asked about the guys selected on the pre-season All-American team, Head Coach Ordell Walker replied, “I am very excited for these guys and the way they have committed to maximizing their potential. They have all exhibited great leadership in the program and deserve the recognition.” Greenville opens their season on September 1st against Millikin University.

To see the complete list of 2012 NCCAA Pre-Season All-Americans follow this link http://www.usacollegefootball.org/nccaafb.htm .

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