Homecoming Food Drive

A BIG Thank You for all your support at our recent food drive! Our Greenville Panthers hosted a food drive at the homecoming game and it was a great success! The local food pantry in Bond County was incredibly grateful for all the donations that came in! There will be lots of local families blessed by your generosity! So thank you to those who donated food, personal items and cash, thanks to those who volunteered their time to collect the food and thanks to those who helped unload the food! We couldn't have done it without you! God is good and really does meet all of our needs!


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Homecoming and Senior Day!

Homecoming and Senior day are my absolute favorites game each year, and this year they are the same day! The atmosphere of a homecoming game is untouched throughout the rest of the season. The opportunity to see former players, meet their wives and snuggle their babies...for this coach's wife, it is a HUGE joy. It is also a time to be rejuvenated. We as a staff get to hear from our alum about how they are still practicing the principles learned at Greenville College and how they apply them in their every day lives. We hear how EMAP translates in the office, ministry and in families all across the country. Senior day is always such a special day, a chance to honor our seniors for several hard fought years on the field. A chance to hear them reflect on their time at Greenville and to pass along their encouragements those who will soon fill their shoes.

Last year 2 traditions were added to the homecoming and senior day festivities. The first is the Alum vs. JV game. I was on the Alumni sidelines last year for the majority of the game. I still smile thinking of all the players spanning several years embracing the opportunity to go out and take another chance to suit up and hit someone. If you haven't yet, I would encourage you to read Jake Admunson's article in the media guide this year. Jake will be back, along with several other alum. In this 25th year of football here at Greenville College it would be amazing to see the Alumni sideline double from last year. If you haven't yet registered to play you can do so here http://bit.ly/Q2CMST. This year after the game all the Alumni, families and friends are invited to join the team on Scott Field for an all campus dinner.

Another tradition that began last year was the opportunity for dad's to join their sons for breakfast in the dining commons for a pre-game meal. This meal is a hearty one at a cost of $6 per male attender. We say it's a meal for dad's, but grandfathers, uncles, cousins and brothers are also welcome. While our guys are eating the women will gather at Adam's Brothers Music and Coffee (on the square in Greenville on Second St) for a brunch. This meal is complementary so an RSVP is required for attendance. Both meals will begin at 9am, giving the families plenty of time to get a great seat before kick off at 1pm. RSVP's can be done here http://bit.ly/QVSpxb. Please be our guests this weekend. Coach Walker and I are looking forward to hearing your personal EMAP story. Go Panthers!

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