Where Are They Now?

Name: Dom Kegel
Position: QB
Years at GC: 2005-2008
Accolades/Achievements at GC:
1st Team All-Conference QB (2006 & 2007)
2nd Team All-Conference QB (2008)
Conference Player of the Year (2007)
NCCAA All-American
Ranked Top 25 NCAA All-purpose yards (2007)
7x Conference Player of the Week

Favorite Memory:
“So many memories to choose from. I think two of them stick out the most.. I was a freshman and my parents were only able to come out to see if the homecoming game. Up until this point I only played three or four games and mostly at WR. That week at practice I ask Coach Penner if it were possible to get in on one series because my folks were in town (Rookie move, I don't recommend asking your coach something like this). We were playing Concordia-Wisconsin in the biggest game of the year and we were down 13-7 in the 4th Quarter. Finally I got called in with a special package on offense. Rarely did we ever use the trick play we worked on during the week, but this was a dire situation. We needed a big play. Coach called a half-back pass. So I lined up at offset tail back and took a pitch from our 6'7" QB Lee Thompson going around the right side. I took a couple steps and pulled up to see our All-American high jumper, Bryson Taylor, had beaten his guy by 3 steps. I stepped up and let it fly. By the grace of God he hauled it in for a 60 yd TD. The crowd went nuts; I looked up and saw my family go crazy with excitement. But the most incredible feeling was when I ran back to the sideline and Lee picked me up into the sky like a champ. He was my role model and to see that something I did brought excitement and joy to his face made me feel incredible. To this day I have a hard time describing that feeling. I was so excited, moved to tears.”

Impact career at GC had on life:
“GC football didn't impact my life, it changed my life. I saw examples of many things while at Greenville. How to be a man, how not to be a man. How to work hard, how to be a servant warrior, but also what happens when we chose ourselves over others."

"Ultimately it was the relationships I developed while at GC that changed the course of my life. I saw great examples from the coaching staff and faculty of what it meant to be a man, husband, and father. My life would be much, much different if it weren't for GC. I don't even want to speculate.”

Since Graduation:
“I married an Air Force girl who had us in a few different states from New Mexico, Nebraska, and now Wisconsin. I played 3 years of Pro Football (2 in Europe, and 1 Arena team). Won the Swiss national championship in 2009 and was the player of the year in the Finnish top division in 2012. I worked out for NFL and CFL teams (Packers, Dolphins, Browns, Patriots, Allouettes, Stampede, Eskimos, and Tigercats)."

"But more importantly I am a husband and in four weeks I will be a father! I will do my best to raise my son with the same principles I was coached with at Greenville College. What an honor it is to be a panther.”

Below are highlights of Dom's career as a Greenville Panther:

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