Where Are They Now?

In the 4th installment of "Where are they now?" Emapnation.com profiled GC Alum David Butler.

When (and what position) did you play at GC?

"I played Offensive Tackle from 2007-2010."

Accolades/Achievements at GC (if applicable):

"2009-2nd Team All UMAC, 2010-1st Team All UMAC, 2010 UMAC Conference Lineman of the Year, 2010 All-American Bowl Participant, NCAA Division III 3rd Team All-Region."

What was your Favorite Memory?

“There were many great memories that I had at Greenville.  The best overall memories that I have are the trips to and from games on the infamous people movers.  What happens on the people movers, stays on the people movers.  One of my favorite memories, on a more serious note, was the mission trip in 2010 to Philadelphia.  It was a good time to outreach, put on a skills camp, get out of my comfort zone, and impact the lives of the kids that we encountered with my brothers on the team.”

How did your career at GC impact your life?

“Greenville impacted my life in many ways.  It opened my eyes to the world that is around me and allowed me have a unique life experience.  I was fortunate enough to receive a very good education from their awesome Education Department in Special Education.  I really learned a lot from the professors that I encountered and enjoyed the personal connections that I made with them.  From a football standpoint, I learned a lot about the game of football and how to push myself to be the best that I could be.  Along with learning great football, I learned how to be a better man.  It was never just about the football.  It was how we were taught to use football as a way to learn about how we should approach our own lives and personal walks in our Faith.”

What have you done/been doing since graduating from GC?

“I am currently living in Christopher, Illinois.  I teach in a Special Education classroom at the Christopher High School.  I really enjoy my job and could imagine doing many other things.  I am also an assistant football coach and an assistant track and field coach.  I enjoy staying around the game and being active with athletics.  Once my days as a Panther were over, I began doing running as a hobby to lose weight.  I spend a lot of time helping out around the school with sporting events, spending time with friends and family, and making memories every single day.  I have lost about 60 pounds doing 5K’s and running on my own.  I plan on doing my first half marathon this upcoming summer and would like to someday do a full marathon.”
Thank you David for the impact you had during your time at GC, and the great legacy that you left!  
Click on this link to check out one of David's favorite touchdown celebrations. 

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