2013 Season Team Captains: The results are in...

During the last meeting of the semester, the team voted on four captains for the 2013 season. Two defensive players and two offensive players were selected. These four individuals will represent the team before games with the officials. They will also serve as captains for the servant leadership council. The servant leadership council is a group of players with representatives from every class and position. This council helps the coaching staff make decisions on all facets of the program. 

These four captains are expected to represent the 5 leadership tenets of the program. 
1. Lead Courageously & despise passivity
2. Accept Responsibility with No excuses
3. Choose Commitment over comfort
4. Be Selfless not selfish
5. Leave a Legacy

The four Panthers selected, as captains for the 2013 season are Cody Lopez, Bryce Wright, Brendan Chambers, and Jesse Tyrrell. Read what the coaches had to say about them:

Cody Lopez is a captain of captains. He is a tremendous leader who understands that the team grows and develops as individuals are influenced. He has consistently used his influence to help individual players get better, so that the team gets better. Cody is selfless. He leads when he is healthy. He leads when he is injured. Cody leads by example. The team understands that Cody will hold himself to a high standard first. He is consistently one of the first guys to serve, first guys in the weight room, first guys present to the AM running program. The team made a tremendous choice for Cody to be a captain. He is a great example of EMAP Football. He'll do great leading the Panthers in 2013.” - Coach Walker

Bryce Wright has been a joy to coach and that is greatly due to his leadership. Since his move to DB last spring, Bryce has displayed an ability to take command of the secondary. He leads vocally and by example. I think what I love most about him is his ‘accept responsibility, no excuses’ attitude. Bryce accepts responsibility for his mistakes, but more importantly, is always seeking steps to improve. He is never afraid to ask questions and has a heart to learn the game. I know the guys are influenced by Bryce’s game day performances, but I believe they love his heart for the team. He wants to see all the guys on the team reach their potential, and it is revealed in the way he leads.” - Coach Bell

Brendan Chambers is the leader of the offense. While he may not be the loudest guy in the locker room or on the field, he is quiet strength. He has fostered belief from his teammates that no situation is too difficult. This was evident in four 4th quarter comebacks over the past two years. This belief in Chambers causes each of his teammates to raise their level of play to match his. Brendan knows the offense inside and out. He makes all the calls and arranges his teammates into the proper position both in practice and games. He is mentally tough. As an option QB who runs the ball 15-20 times a game, he has never missed a start. He has played with injuries, fighting through a shoulder injury in 2011 and a hamstring tear in 2012. He has earned the trust of his teammates and they have responded by naming him a leader for the 2013 season.” - Coach Schomaker

Jesse Tyrrell is the greatest example of a servant leader that I have coached on the offensive line. He is highly respected for his intensity, work ethic, courage, and selflessness. He won’t shy away from speaking up when needed, but also will pull a guy to the side and offer encouragement. He is the type of guy that makes everyone around him better and challenges people to become their best. Jesse is the guy that you want to go to battle with. He is a terminator!” - Coach Mingo

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