EMAP Gets it Done in the Classroom

The goal of creating men who are great in all areas of their lives has been a focus point of the Greenville College football program.  Using biblical principles as the guideline and basis for truth, achieving one’s maximum potential in all phases of life is constantly strived for.  Panther football not only accomplished great and unprecedented success on the field this past season, but has done so off the field as well.  This spring semester, the men of Greenville College football recorded a team grade point average of 3.0.  Leading the way for the Panthers academically were JR QB Greg Schimke, SO LB Clay Buhler, FR RB Jacob Stull, and SO LB Kirk Pearce who all posted a perfect 4.0 GPA for the spring semester.    Head Coach Robbie Schomaker says, “This is the best semester we have seen as a team academically since I have been here.  I am so proud of our team and the way they got it done in the classroom.  The discipline, determination, and commitment to get it done has produced great results.”

Attaway Panthers, Attaway!

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