Accepting The Challenge Write-Up

The Greenville College Panther’s high-scoring offense and play making defense came together in their season opener against the Milikin Big Blue. The Panther Offense scored in just 2:17 on their very first drive of the season as they marched down 65 yards led by sophomore Running Back Jacob Stull, who punched in a 9 yard TD run deep in Millikin’s Red Zone. As Joseph Plank hit the PAT, the Panthers established an early 7-0 lead.

The Millikin Big Blue rallied to put themselves up 21-7 until the senior veterans on the Panther squad took over and outscored the Big Blue with 5 unanswered touchdowns.

Led by the veteran 
Quarterback Brendan Chambers and senior Running Back Shawn McKnight, the Pantherbegan turning the tide. Chambers had an outstanding 63 yard touchdown run that shifted momentum back to the Panthers. Following that run, Chambers was credited with another TD where he recovered a loose ball in the end zone.  Chambers continued to take over the game, connecting with McKnight for the Panthers fourth TD of the game and first passing TD of the season. Running Back Zibeon Washington contributed to this spurt of high-efficiency offense as he scored on 21-yard TD runstraight up the gut where the Offensive Line left him seemingly untouched.  

The opportunistic and hard-hitting Panthers defense forced Milikin to punt 4 times, sacked Milikin for a loss of 6 yards, caused 3 fumbles and intercepted the ball in a crucial part of the game. With a combination of ball-hawking defense and high scoring offense, the Panthers will be hard to beat.

In the 4th quarter Milikin University managed to tie the game up at 41-41. With just over 1:30 to play, the Panthers took the field and within 5 plays took back the lead.  That drive gave the Panthers a 7-point lead that would put the game out of reach with 37 seconds left on the clockThe 66-yard game deciding touchdown was again a Chambers, McKnight connection and the Panther defense finished the job stopping the Big Blue. The Panthers won with a final score of 48-41.
Next week, the Panthers will be playing at home against Minnesota Morris.

Greenville College Football © 2009 by Jered Schneider.