Greenville Wins Again!

The Greenville College Panthers played a great game this week when they faced off against the Martin Luther Knights from Minnesota. The Panthers hosted the Knights on the College’s “family day” (a day on campus where parents and siblings come to visit their children). With the largest crowd at Greenville this year, the Panthers did not disappoint. Scoring in every quarter and limiting the opposing team to only 6 points, the Panthers won with an impressive 50-point spread!
The ball went to the Greenville College Panthers in the opening kickoff and the Panthers marched right down the field on the first drive. In 9 plays, the Panthers found themselves in the end zone when Senior QB Brendan Chambers connected with Junior Tight-End Nathan Butler for a 32-yard touchdown pass. The scoring threat did not stop there as the Panther defense forced Martin Luther to punt, which gave the ball right back to the Panther Offense. Rushing the ball 10 times in their 2nd drive, the Panthers scored yet another touchdown and were up 14-0. Running Back Shawn McKnight was credited with the touchdown as he had a 3-yard run into Martin Luther’s end zone. As the first quarter ended in favor of the Panthers 14-0, the hard hitting and playmaking defense of the Panthers stepped up once again and caused a turnover on downs from Martin Luther in the 2nd quarter. On the Panther’s 3rd drive of the game, Sophomore Running Back Jacob Stull punched in the Panther’s 3rd touchdown when he rumbled in a bruising 2-yard touchdown.
 Martin Luther scored their only points of the game with 6:30 left to play in the half and shortened the deficit to 21-6. Yet, the ferocious Panthers answered right back as Senior Quarter Back Brendan Chambers accurately completed a 23-yard pass to Shawn McKnight resulting in a touchdown.  The final score of the second quarter gave the Panthers a 28-6 lead heading into half time.
Halftime ended as the fans got to watch Greenville 2nd half.   Freshman Running Back Carson Guzman had an impressive performance as he picked up the team’s biggest gain of the day, caught a touchdown, and ran for another touchdown.  The Panthers were up 56-6 but the defense did not let up. The Panther defense forced a fumble after Guzman’s 11- yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter and gave the ball right back to the offense. The Panther defense came through all day as they smelled fear from Martin Luther early in the 1st quarter and never eased up forcing the Knights to fumble twice. Both forced fumbles came in the 2nd half and were recovered by Seniors Bryce Wright and Josh Enloe.

Greenville's band and dance team perform during “family day” and the Panthers once again took the field and picked up right where they left off. Quarter Back Brendan Chambers ran for 2 more touchdowns and the Panther’s defense shutout the Knights in the 2
 The Panthers finished their “family day” home game against the Martin Luther Knights with a final score of 56-6 and are now 4-0 on the season and 3-0 in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference. The Panthers were rolling Saturday and showed once again how dynamic of a unit they are!  Next week they travel to Minnesota to face off against the Crown College Storm.  
Be sure to tune into the live game-cast offered by Greenville College by going to emapnation.com and finding the live game-cast link.

Go Panthers! 

Greenville College Football © 2009 by Jered Schneider.