D3 Team of the Week

Congratulations to Issac Barber for being part of the "D3 Team of the Week".  This is a huge honor, and we would like to congratulate him.  Barber had eight tackles, seven of them solo, including four sacks as Greenville defeated Iowa Wesleyan in a battle from start to finish.


NCCAA Players of the Week

Summary for offensive player of the week: Brendan Chambers, senior quarterback from Greenville College, offensively led his team to a 46-26 victory over Iowa Wesleyan with 4 touchdowns in the game. Chambers threw for 10 completions and rushed for 231 yards on 27 attempts. 3 of his 4 touchdowns were rushing.

Summary for defensive player of the week: Isaac Barber, senior defensive lineman from Greenville College, defensively led his team to a 46-26 victory over Iowa Wesleyan with 8 total tackles, 7 solo and 1 assisted. Barber had an impressive 4 sacks and 4 tackles for loss in the game.


Recap of the Iowa Wesleyan Game

Terminator Mentality
Head Coach Robbie Schomaker challenged his team to have the mindset of a “Terminator.”  Many of us are familiar with the Terminator movies and we understand that a Terminator “stops at nothing to reach its goal.” Coach Schomaker challenged the Panthers to stop at nothing to reach their goals this week against the Iowa Wesleyan Tigers. With a perfect 7-0 record and many people already talking about playoffs, Greenville could have lost their focus on the game and let this season slip away. Yet, the Panther’s embraced this mindset of being a “Terminator” and stopped at nothing to get the job done.
Down early in the game 3-0 after two costly turnovers, Greenville refocused their minds and set out to capture the lead. It was a back and forth battle, drive after drive early in the first half as Greenville was forced to punt, then Iowa Wesleyan was forced to punt, until the Panthers finally found themselves on the scoreboard taking the lead 7-3. After a Josh Frewin field goal from the Panthers, followed by a touchdown by the Tigers, the score was knotted up at 10-10 when the clock hit zero in the 2nd quarter. The first half ended on a very windy, chilly day in Iowa and Greenville knew this would be another battle in the UMAC Conference. But remember: Terminators refuse to quit and Terminators stop at nothing to reach their goals.

The second half started and the Greenville College Panthers took the field ready for the fight at hand. Iowa Wesleyan scored quickly in the 3rd with a 51-yard reverse that went for a touchdown! Greenville returned the favor with a touchdown of their own. Iowa Wesleyan again lit up the scoreboard with their second field goal of the day, following a 57-yard drive.  Not to be outdone, the Panthers once again rallied with another touchdown. The score was now 24-20 in favor of Greenville. Like a “Terminator”, Greenville kept pounding away at Iowa Wesleyan until they finally broke. The Panthers forced Iowa Wesleyan to punt in their next series. Greenville now had the ball and for the 3rd consecutive time, scored a touchdown. The score was now 31-20 in favor of Greenville. Iowa Wesleyan gave their last efforts and scored one last touchdown early in the 4th quarter. The score was 31-26 in favor of Greenville, but the “Terminators” had the ball. Greenville drove 47 yards after an impressive kickoff-return and scored their fourth consecutive touchdown of the 2nd half. The Panthers then forced Iowa Wesleyan to punt the ball and by scoring their 5th consecutive touchdown of the 2nd half, Greenville put the game out of reach. Hoping to make the best of their situation Iowa Wesleyan took to the air with what became their last possession of the ball, ending the series with an Anthony Moore interception.  With the ball back in their hands, Greenville went on to kneel the ball to run out the remainder of the clock.

Iowa Wesleyan came out swinging and gave a good fight for the Panthers, but with the mentality of a “Terminator,” Greenville could not be stopped. Scoring on every drive of the 2nd half, except to run the clock out, the Panthers showed their “Terminator” mentality and got the job done. Greenville consistently chipped away at Iowa Wesleyan and a game that was tied at half ended in a 19-point victory. The Panthers now have an 8-0 record with two games left. Next week, they will face off against a very tough Westminster team that will surely be ready to play.

Be sure to tune in to the live game cast as Greenville plays Westminster and cheer on your PANTHERS!!!


NCCAA Offensive Player of the Week

Jacob Stull, Greenville College

Summary for offensive recipient: Jacob Stull, sophomore running back form Greenville College, had 105 rushing yards leading to 3 touchdowns in the 37-23 win against the University of Northwestern St Paul. Stull also had 1 reception for 10 yards in the game.



Homecoming is a phenomenal event for both fans and players alike.  Re-uniting of friends, past teammates, and meeting the alums whose shoulders the Greenville College Football team was built on is an exciting time.  Coach Robbie Schomaker was fully aware of how these things can also become distractions for Saturday afternoon’s game.  With the University of Northwestern Eagles coming to town, the opponent was enough of a challenge without any distractions.  Add in a parade and the annual Championship Play, Championship Lives bowl and the Panthers had very full plates.

Greenville started the game with the ball with hopes to please their fans and continue the process of becoming a great football team this year. Yet, on their very first drive, the Panthers fumbled the ball and Northwestern recovered! As Northwestern capitalized and punched in a touchdown, Greenville was quickly down 7-0. The Panthers then took possession on their own 25-yard line but before they knew it, faced a 4th and 1 in their own territory that caused them to punt the ball to Northwestern. Once again, Northwestern took the ball and found the end zone, which put Greenville down 14-0.  Were the Panthers, who had battled all year through adversity, going to get blown out on their homecoming game, when so many fans and alumni came out to support their undefeated season?  It continued to look like that would be the case when Greenville came out the next 3 drives and punted the ball 2 more times as well as throwing an interception.  Stack those failures to convert with Northwestern adding on 6 more points and the Panthers looked to be in dire straights.   Didn’t the team get the memo about focus?!

“NO DISTRACTIONS, NO EXCUSES!”  The Panthers refocused with a look of nastiness in their eyes and came out ROARING! Refusing to back down from adversity, refusing to give up hope when all hope “should” be lost, and refusing to deny their greatness as a team, the Panthers forgot what was behind them and strained towards what was ahead of them. Strapping up, buckling down, and ready to get after it, the Greenville College Panthers sparked a fuse in their hearts and refused to give in!  Senior Running Back Shawn McKnight would supply the first spark to get the Panthers back into gear with a 46-yard run up the far sideline.   Senior Quarterback Brendan Chambers would finish the drive by connecting with Freshman Wide Receiver Michael Green for a 9-yard touchdown pass and the Panthers were finally on the scoreboard. As the Panther Defense united and made big hits and big plays, Northwestern was forced to punt.  Taking the field once again, this time with under 2 minutes to play in the half, the Panther Offense once again found pay dirt on yet another passing touchdown.  This time, Quarterback Brendan Chambers connected with tight-end Nathan Butler for a 1 yard receiving touchdown that put the Panthers within 7 as the half ended.  Smelling fear in the Eagles and regaining momentum (with the help of the support from the Panther fans) Greenville forced and recovered a fumble to start the 3rd quarter.  In just 4 plays, the Panthers punched in a 1-yard touchdown run from Running Back Jacob Stull and the lead was now 21-20 in favor of the Panthers! Down 20 to start the game and now up 21-20, the Panthers refused to let the score dictate how they played the rest of the game and the Panthers focused on the “process” of finishing.   Northwestern would not go down easily.  Driving the field, the Eagles booted a field goal to again take the lead, this time 23-21.  Greenville began to “pound the rock” as Zibeon Washington, Jacob Stull and Brendan Chambers all took turns running the ball until the Panthers finished off another drive with a 2-yard rush for a touchdown. The score was now 28-23 in favor of Greenville. A rush for a loss of 1, a loss of 10, a false start, and incomplete pass was the result of Northwestern’s next series following Greenville’s touchdown as the Panther Defense, continued to step up and make big stops.  Backed up in their end zone, Northwestern chose to punt the ball facing a long 4th down and the Panther’s Special Teams came up with a HUGE PLAY!  Blocking Northwestern’s put for a safety, the Panthers were now up by 7 and got the ball back!  Taking advantage of the situation, the Panthers proceeded to march down the field.  After entering into Northwestern’s red zone, the Panthers drive finally stalled.  Facing a 4th and 2 from the 17, Coach Schomaker decided to keep the field goal unit on the sideline.  As the crowd noise and sidelines intensified, you could feel that Northwestern was in a make-or-break position.  Sophomore Running Back Jacob Stull came through in the clutch, not needing to pick up the first down but instead taking the ball to the house for his 3rd touchdown of the day.  Greenville was now up by 14 and as Northwestern made their last efforts to keep the game alive, Freshman Defensive Back Richard Wilburn for the Panthers intercepted Jacob Fletcher’s pass from Northwestern and gave the ball back to Greenville. The game
clock hit 0 as the Panthers pulled out an epic victory against the always-tough Northwestern Eagles!  WHAT A GAME!  

Greenville is now 7-0 on the season and 6-0 in the UMAC Conference! Next week, Greenville plays on the road against Iowa Wesleyan in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Be sure to stay connected and continue to support your Greenville College Panthers this season!  We need you fans! GO PANTHERS!


Prayers and Support For Luke Moore

Hello to all of our wonderful parents, supporters and fans!!! So thankful for each and every one of you! It's been a great year so far and we are loving every minute!!! God has been moving and working in incredible ways! 

This next week at Homecoming, we are going to join as a team to raise money for Luke Moore, one of our wonderful sophomore quarterbacks. He was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma and is battling hard but needs our prayers and support. You can see his updates and story at http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/luke-moore-family-fundraiser-/67151/update/75972

So the plan is to make an announcement at the game and be available at the game to receive cash and check donations. For those of you at a distance, you can donate online on that website so please share this with anyone who is interested in supporting! I was also told that gift cards are helpful as well (Wal-Mart, restaurants, gas cards and itunes for Luke are a nice way to bless the family as well). The family travels a lot back and forth to the hospital in Kansas City so there is a lot of time on the road and eating out that adds up. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways and our prayer is that we can share that with Luke and his family. 

Luke also surprised the team at the first game and there were a lot of tears! Luke is a big part of the team and has been dearly missed this season. He is described by coaches and players as responsible, a loyal friend, hard worker, dedicated and a genuine man after God's heart. 

Thanks to each of you for prayers and support!!


Post Game Thought on MacMurray

Panther’s Striving for Perfection!
A team focused on the process of becoming great football players and even greater men, the Greenville College Panthers have found themselves undefeated thus far. Giving all the Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Panthers have found this season to be one for the record books. In a season where overcoming adversity and stepping up to the challenge is prominent, the Greenville College Panthers continue to build their team chemistry and character by never quitting, never giving up hope and never ceasing to “find a way or make one” to get the job done.

Traveling to MacMurray and facing the Highlanders, the Panthers came out of the gates “Roaring” on Offense and making big plays on Defense. The Panthers were fired up early and throughout the game, taking every rep and every snap of the ball as an opportunity to “close the gap” of becoming a great football program. With the sideline cheering, the ball was kicked to start the game, and the brotherhood on this Greenville College Panther team locked in and focused on getting better as a unit Saturday against the Highlanders.

Rushing the ball for a net total of 414 yards, the Panther Offense found themselves in the end zone often throughout the game. In fact, the Panther’s scored a Touchdown 7 out of their first 8 drives. Greenville started the game with a 12-play 77-yard touchdown drive as sophomore running back Jacob Stull rushed in a 6 yard score. From there, the Panther’s never looked back. Veteran QB Brendan Chambers rushed in a 27-yard score as well as a 10-yard score, Zibeon Washington rushed in a 4 yard score and Shawn McKnight had a 23-yard TD reception thrown by Chambers. Overall, the Panthers put up an impressive 55 points on the scoreboard!

As a total, Brendan Chambers threw for 75 yards and rushed for 116 yards with 4 Touchdowns. Running back Jacob Stull had a total of 135 yards and one TD, Running-back Zibeon Washington had a total of 65 yards and one TD, and freshman Running-back Carson Guzman had a total of 56 yards with one TD.
Shawn McKnight had a total of 64 yards with one TD, 43 of which yards came through receptions. Nicholas Newton had 2 receptions for an average of 8.5 yards per catch and freshman John Dudley had one reception for 15 yards. Other contributors to the Panther Offense included QB Greg Schimke and freshman RB Jonathan Stark.

As the Panther Offense was rolling, executing plays, and scoring points, the Panther Defense came ready to play and once again made big time stops. Greenville College Panther Defensive Back Anthony Everett scored a Touchdown for the Panthers as he returned a 50-yard interception for a Touchdown early in the second half against the Highlanders. The Panthers also forced and recovered a fumble as well sacked MacMurray twice. MacMurray was also forced to turn the ball over on downs twice and forced punt 3 times due to Greenville’s Defense. MacMurray was also stopped to only 95 yards of                                                                                         rushing for the game.

 Together, the Panthers put on an impressive performance against the Highlanders winning 55 to 30 and improving their record to 6-0. Next week, the Panthers will play their homecoming game as the opponents of last year’s Victory Bowl, the Northwestern Eagles. Be sure to come and cheer on the Panthers as they prepare and will play yet another game in the UMAC Conference this 2013 season.


Alumni Game Information

As some of you know, we are having our Alumni game this Friday. Some info on what is going on, equipment pick up for the Alumni Game will begin at 1:00PM at the Fitness Center on Friday October 18th and the game begins at 4:30PM. If you are interested in playing email Coach Bell at Lamar.Bell@greenville.edu ASAP! There is still time to get you on the team.



With over 10 hours on a bus ride, a night away in a hotel, targets on their backs being undefeated, and an opposing crowd that was intense all game, the Greenville College Panthers had a choice to make; either step up to the challenge o

r waver at hardship. Head Coach Robbie Shomaker challenged the Panthers earlier this week to make “No Excuses!”
The Panthers traveled to Minnesota to play their 4th UMAC game against the Crown College Storm. Excuses could have easily been made, but in the midst of adversity the Panthers decided to stick together as a unit, push through a difficult game and overcome all obstacles that lay before them. The crowd was against them and penalties kept pushing them back, yet, the Panthers stuck to their motto of “Find a way or make one.” to get the job done!
With a positive sideline, fans in support of the Panthers, and a team that cherishes the brotherhood of the program, the Panthers went into the half down 7-0 but never gave up hope. They game planned together in the locker room and came out firing on all cylinders in the second half, stopping Crown on the first drive of the 3rd quarter and responding with the offense by putting the ball in the end-zone. The Panthers regained momentum!
Shawn McKnight scored the Panthers’ first touchdown on a 3-yard run that capped off a 6-play 73-yard touchdown drive in just 2 minutes and 19 seconds.
The Storm, however, responded with a long drive of their own as the Panthers struggled again with penalties. This time, the penalties came on defense as the Panther D gave up 30 yards on the Storm’s second scoring drive.  The only other Crown touchdown came late in the 4th on a Kickoff Return for a score. Overall, the Panther defense statistically had its best game holding Crown to 106 yards passing and 103 yards rushing. The hard-hitting Panther defense also sacked Crown College 3 times and forced the Crown offense to either turn the ball over on downs or punt 8 times throughout the game. Sophomore linebackers Robert Deering, Joey Silva and Jonathan Uperesa had a combined 30 tackles and freshman defensive tackle Johnathan Roa also had 7 tackles of his own. Lopez, Wilburn, Regalado and Barber each had 6 tackles and the team also forced a fumble from Crown College that was recovered by the Storm.

Panther defense made plays, the Panther offense moved the ball and scored 21 points in the second half, 14 of which came in the 4th quarter. Brendan Chambers had an explosive 22-yard touchdown run followed up by a touchdown pass to freshman running back Carson Guzman from 5 yards out. As a team, the Panthers had a total of 477 yards offensively, moving the ball with an average of 8.9 yards per pass play and 5.8 yards per rush play. As Crown College missed their PAT on their last score of the game, the Panthers sealed the deal with a 21-20 victory over the home Crown College Storm.

Next week the Panthers travel to Jacksonville, Illinois to take on the MacMurray Highlanders. Be sure to support your Greenville College Panthers as they continue this journey through the 2013 season!


Special Teams Player of the Week

K Joshua Frewin, Greenville College
Frewin averaged 44.3 yards per punt and was eight for eight on extra points attempts on Saturday.

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