Recap of the Iowa Wesleyan Game

Terminator Mentality
Head Coach Robbie Schomaker challenged his team to have the mindset of a “Terminator.”  Many of us are familiar with the Terminator movies and we understand that a Terminator “stops at nothing to reach its goal.” Coach Schomaker challenged the Panthers to stop at nothing to reach their goals this week against the Iowa Wesleyan Tigers. With a perfect 7-0 record and many people already talking about playoffs, Greenville could have lost their focus on the game and let this season slip away. Yet, the Panther’s embraced this mindset of being a “Terminator” and stopped at nothing to get the job done.
Down early in the game 3-0 after two costly turnovers, Greenville refocused their minds and set out to capture the lead. It was a back and forth battle, drive after drive early in the first half as Greenville was forced to punt, then Iowa Wesleyan was forced to punt, until the Panthers finally found themselves on the scoreboard taking the lead 7-3. After a Josh Frewin field goal from the Panthers, followed by a touchdown by the Tigers, the score was knotted up at 10-10 when the clock hit zero in the 2nd quarter. The first half ended on a very windy, chilly day in Iowa and Greenville knew this would be another battle in the UMAC Conference. But remember: Terminators refuse to quit and Terminators stop at nothing to reach their goals.

The second half started and the Greenville College Panthers took the field ready for the fight at hand. Iowa Wesleyan scored quickly in the 3rd with a 51-yard reverse that went for a touchdown! Greenville returned the favor with a touchdown of their own. Iowa Wesleyan again lit up the scoreboard with their second field goal of the day, following a 57-yard drive.  Not to be outdone, the Panthers once again rallied with another touchdown. The score was now 24-20 in favor of Greenville. Like a “Terminator”, Greenville kept pounding away at Iowa Wesleyan until they finally broke. The Panthers forced Iowa Wesleyan to punt in their next series. Greenville now had the ball and for the 3rd consecutive time, scored a touchdown. The score was now 31-20 in favor of Greenville. Iowa Wesleyan gave their last efforts and scored one last touchdown early in the 4th quarter. The score was 31-26 in favor of Greenville, but the “Terminators” had the ball. Greenville drove 47 yards after an impressive kickoff-return and scored their fourth consecutive touchdown of the 2nd half. The Panthers then forced Iowa Wesleyan to punt the ball and by scoring their 5th consecutive touchdown of the 2nd half, Greenville put the game out of reach. Hoping to make the best of their situation Iowa Wesleyan took to the air with what became their last possession of the ball, ending the series with an Anthony Moore interception.  With the ball back in their hands, Greenville went on to kneel the ball to run out the remainder of the clock.

Iowa Wesleyan came out swinging and gave a good fight for the Panthers, but with the mentality of a “Terminator,” Greenville could not be stopped. Scoring on every drive of the 2nd half, except to run the clock out, the Panthers showed their “Terminator” mentality and got the job done. Greenville consistently chipped away at Iowa Wesleyan and a game that was tied at half ended in a 19-point victory. The Panthers now have an 8-0 record with two games left. Next week, they will face off against a very tough Westminster team that will surely be ready to play.

Be sure to tune in to the live game cast as Greenville plays Westminster and cheer on your PANTHERS!!!

Greenville College Football © 2009 by Jered Schneider.