Where Are They Now?

In the 2nd installment of “Where are they now?” Emapnation.com profiled GC Alum Derek Robinson.


"Derek Robinson (D-Rob)"

When and what position did you play at GC?

DT 2002-2003, OT 2004-2005"

Accolades/Achievements at GC (if applicable):

"2nd Team All-Conference 2005
NCCAA All-American
EMAP Award (Teammate Award)"

What was your Favorite Memory?

"My favorite memories are actually the conversations on our bus rides. I miss being around some of my closest friends (Lee Thompson, T.J. Gaylord, Jon DeJulio, Jared Martin, Anthony Lash, and many others). Dear brothers in and from the Lord who I’m always tremendously grateful for." 

How did your career at GC impact your life?

"I was not a Christian coming to GC. Scotty Kessler was in his first year as the head coach during my first year at GC. Through him, Coach Banks, and Tiff the Lord revealed to me my sinfulness and I came to trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. This happened my sophomore year, and the next two years would consist of them (and Coach Walk) shepherding and teaching me to grow in my understanding of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus."

What have you done/been doing since graduating from GC?

"Since graduating from GC I have relocated to Phoenix Arizona, where I met my wife (2009) Pamela Robinson. I’ve completed a Masters of Secondary Education in Teaching, and am now teaching freshman and sophomores Bible at Valley Christian High School in Chandler, AZ. This past November my wife and I welcomed our twin sons into the world (Kess and Lee, named after the two most influential guys in my life which I met at GC). We’re currently attending and serving at Grace Bible Church where the Lord continues to grow and mold us daily."

Thank you D-Rob for the impact and legacy you left at GC!  


Leadership Talk: Taxi Principle


Panther Football Running Up the Score in Academics

The awards continue to add up for Greenville College Football. The Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) recently announced the academic all-conference awards for the fall 2012 semester. Greenville College Football is well represented on that list, having the 3rd-most football players selected for academic all-conference. Fifteen players earned academic all-conference by achieving a 3.5 or better grade point average (GPA) in their semester of competition.

Senior Trendon Amuzie was the lone senior for the Panthers to receive such an honor. Juniors Brendan Chambers, Josh Frewin, Immanuel Gamble, Justin Honeycutt, Greg Schimke, Matt Schuman, and Ethan White were named. Sophomores Clay Buhler, Brandon Butler, Nathan Butler, Kirk Pearce, and Bryan Waugh were named as well. Freshmen Jacob Stull and Deonte King were also recognized for their tremendous first semester in college.

In addition to their success in the classroom, Amuzie, Chambers, and Gamble received recognition for their impressive seasons on the field as well. Amuzie was named to UMAC All-Conference 1st Team and All-NCCAA 2nd Team. Chambers was named NCCAA National Offensive Player of the Year, All-NCCAA 1st Team, and UMAC All-Conference 1st Team. Gamble was named UMAC Offensive Player of the Year, All-NCCAA 1st Team, and UMAC All-Conference 1st Team. This is a testament to the hard work these men put forth everyday on and off the field.

Academic All-Conference breakdown by class:
Juniors - 7
Sophomores - 5
Freshmen - 2
Senior - 1
Total - 15

To read the official announcement, click the link below:
Record 360 Fall Student-Athlete Earn Academic All-Conference Awards

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