Class of 2017: Part 3

Daulton Ward
Hometown: Benton, IL
High School: Benton
Position: OL
Awards: 1st Team All-Conference
Southern IL All-Star Team
Team Captain
3-Year Varsity Starter
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Mingo: At 6’5 and 265 pounds, Daulton Ward possesses limitless potential. He plays the game with very good physicality and can move extremely well. I expect big things for Daulton during his career here at GC."

Andres Flores
Hometown: Stockton, CA
High School: A.A. Stagg
Position: OL
Awards: 1st Team All-League
1st Team All-Area
Scholar Athlete
Frank Alustiza Award
Wallace "Bud" McKay Award
Major: Pre-Physical Therapy
Coach Mingo:Andres is a great offensive lineman. He bends his knees very well and has great feet. His physicality stood out to me he right away. Andres will be a great student-athlete and will be in a competition battle for playing time early in his career.

RJ Kuh
Hometown: Christopher, IL
High School: Christopher
Position: DL
Awards: Offensive/Defensive Lineman Award
Team Leader in sacks (2011-2012)
Major: Undecided
Coach Mingo: “RJ will be a great asset for us. He is a tough football player who uses his hands well to shed blocks. I really like how physical he is. RJ is a great fit for GC and will thrive in this environment.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville College because I believe in the principles of the college and football program. I know this program will be successful for years to come, thanks to the hard work and leadership of both the coaches and players."

Roosevelt McNeil
Hometown: Springfield, IL
High School: Lanphier
Position: DB
Major: Accounting
Coach Orr: “We are happy to bring Roosevelt in this recruiting class as a dual sport athlete. Looking to compete in both football and track, I'm thrilled to see his excitement in becoming a Panther. With a defensive focus on forcing turnovers, Roosevelt's knack for attacking the ball in the defensive backfield will help him fit right in.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “When I visited Greenville I was hooked! It felt like a home away from home. Everybody was so friendly, this is just the kind of school I need to succeed. I'm also really happy that I have the opportunity to be able to compete in both of the sports I love.”

Joseph Watson
Hometown: Eldorado, IL
High School: Eldorado
Position: OL
Major: Physics Education
Coach Mingo: “I am very excited Joseph has chosen GC. He is a great fit for our football program and community. He possesses a good ability to get off of the football and looks to finish blocks. I am excited to see how well Joseph will close his potential performance gap.”


Class of 2017: Part 2

Jacob Tibbetts
Hometown: Galt, CA
High School: Liberty Ranch
Position: QB
Awards: All-League First Team (2010-2012)
Sacramento All-City All Star Game
Team MVP
Varsity Academic Excellence Award (2010)
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Mingo: “Jacob is a great commitment for us at QB.  He is a very talented passer who possesses great mechanics.  He has the ability to fit the ball into tight windows and read coverages well.  Jacob also possesses very good athleticism which allows him to be a true dual-threat."

Ray Bradshaw
Hometown: De Soto, MO
High School: De Soto
Position: OL
Awards: Honorable Mention All-MAFC OL (2012)
1st Team All-MAFC OL (2011)
All-District OL (2011)
2nd Team All-MAFC (2010)
All-District OL (2010)
Major: Physical Education
Coach Schomaker: “Ray is extremely coachable and hard working. The combination of his desire for greatness and his size will allow him to become a dominant offensive lineman in the UMAC for years to come.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because of the coaches. The coaches at Greenville focus on making you a better football player and a better person and to me that was important to not only have an impact on the football field but in the community as well.”

Kasey Richardson
Hometown: Austell, GA
High School: Pebblebrook
Position: DL
Awards: Cobb Senior Bowl
All-Star DT – Cobb Nationals
Defensive Player of the Week
Major: Communication
Coach Bell: “I am very excited about Kasey becoming a part of the EMAP family. He is a young man of high character, who makes many contributions serving at his home church. His desire to serve and lead will have a tremendous impact on this program. On the field, Kasey has a phenomenal motor and has a knack for finding the football.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I choose Greenville because it consists of great people and a great environment. I knew that I wanted to be here as soon I step foot. The coaches and players show a lot of love and also take care of you as their own. God lead me to a school in which I can call family and I'm proud to say that I'm a part of this program. To be a Greenville Panther.”

Ryan Burgess
Hometown: Festus, MO
High School: Festus
Position: DL
Awards: 1st Team All-Conference OL (2012)
2nd Team All-Conference DE (2012)
2nd Team All-Region OL (2012)
Team Captain (2012)
All-Out Award (2012)
2nd Team-All Conference OL (2011)
1st Team All-District OL (2011)
2nd Team All-Region OL (2011)
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Schomaker: “Ryan has the type of selfless team-first attitude we desire in every Panther. He is a determined player who maximizes his talents on and off the field. I am excited to watch Ryan grow and mature as a part of our program.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because of the family, and Christian aspects that are clearly visible in the football program.”


Why Should Football Players Serve?

I have been thinking about ways the team can have more impact on people outside of winning football games. The staff has been talking a lot about serving others. Being selfless, giving back, and living a significant life are all things the coaches talk to our recruits about. We don’t want players to just think about themselves. So I thought it may be appropriate to talk about why we want players to give back. Why teaching players to think about others is important. To answer that question you have to know about some deeply held convictions we have about how we want to coach. Here goes!!!

The most important conviction I have about the best way to run a football program is to “Believe Jesus!” Everything else follows this first conviction. It is the foundation of the program. I believe that the biblical approach to coaching or living, for that matter, is what is best. It is the goal of Greenville College Football that we “Believe Jesus” when it comes to relationships. I believe it is best to “Believe Jesus” when it comes to how we do our work. Biblical principles should be the foremost authority of how we go about anything. Conviction #1…“Believe Jesus!”

A second conviction I have for Greenville College Football is that we choose “People over Productivity.” To clarify, people are more important than their portfolios. They are more important than their athletic talent, GPA, test scores, how they look or their bank account. They are important regardless of their tangible contributions, because God has created them. Every single person was so important to Jesus that he died for them. Therefore, they are worth everything. So we strive to love, mentor, affirm, appreciate, bless and encourage people to become their maximal God given potential even if they never contribute anything on the field during a game.  That is choosing “People over Productivity!”

A third deeply help conviction I have is “Process over Outcome.” That is to say, the end doesn’t always justify the means. We will pay close attention to how we go about our business and let the outcome take care of itself. The scoreboard does not define us. Our everyday actions say more about us then the scoreboard. In football, we believe what important is the will to prepare, not the will to win. We have control over what we do. We do not control any outcome. So we divert our attention and energy in what we can do, and how we do it. The outcome will take care of itself. Scripture tells us in 1 Corinthians 3 that “Paul planted the seeds, Apollos watered it, but its God who makes it grow.” We have a role in the process and a responsibility to do things the right way, but we don’t worry about outcomes that we can’t control. “Process over Outcomes!”

So what do those three convictions have to do with serving others? Why ask players to spend money to go to a foreign country to help people we don’t know? In particular, why should I encourage college football players to give to others? Why visit a nursing home? Why do free manual labor? Well…this thinking is an extension of my three deepest held convictions for the program. I want Greenville College Football players to serve, give and bless others because that is what Jesus did, and I “Believe Jesus!” Jesus left his hometown and went all over the countryside meeting the needs of people (feeding, counseling, healing, blessing, and preaching the good news). He loved people. He didn't stay in his hometown and say “if people need help they can come to me!” He was a man of action. Jesus met people personally. He sacrificed self for others. And he lived a significant life because of this method.

Giving to others, even those we do not know, is important if we believe people are worth it. Strive to love people in a real and tangible way, even if you don’t get anything out of it. Why? Jesus gave even though people had nothing to give to him. Why? Because people are more important than what they may ever produce. So if there is a need and we can help meet it as players or coaches… Meet the need! If people are important, then our actions should reflect that belief. “People over Productivity!”

College is a great place to think about big ideas. We talk about “best practices” all the time on a campus and in a business board room. Sometimes conversations about “best practices” can get in the way of actually doing something. I am not always sure the best thing to do is serve at a soup kitchen. I am not sure if the best thing for a community is a group of foreigners to go spend a week to help out. There are tons of systemic issues that may not be solved by our efforts. But we do not control the outcomes anyway. We serve because there is a need. We serve because we can seize an opportunity. We serve because people are worth it. We give because there is a need. We give because we can meet a need. We give because people are worth it. We focus on our part. “Process over Outcomes!”

This program is about Championship Play & Championship Lives.  Or in non-EMAP language, we want our players to be successful and significant. Every player has a chance to make a real and tangible difference in their circle of influence. Serving, giving, blessing, encouraging, and helping others is a great expression of that successful and significant life. Anybody can do that. All it takes is time and a love for people. Why not football players?

Coach Walker

Championship Play & Championship Lives

Check out the first of five player interviews describing their experiences:


Where Are They Now?

In the 3rd installment of "Where are they now?" Emapnation.com profiled GC Alum Jered Schneider.

When (and what position) did you play at GC? 

"2007-2009 Offensive Tackle"

Accolades/Achievements at GC:


What was your Favorite Memory? 

"CUW Homecoming 07"

How did your career at GC impact your life? 

"The things I learned and the people I met literally changed my life. The EMAP way is so counter to how most people approach life, work, and relationships. It is amazing how a great attitude and making every day a great day can impact your life and those around you."

What have you done/been doing since graduating from GC? 

 "In 2011 I started a video production company with my wife Jordan, and have recently moved the business to St. Louis with fellow Panther alum TJ Gaylord. The EMAP network stretches far and wide, and these connections have been a huge help in the infancy of our business. We Compete Against Our Best Self and Pound the Rock daily."

Here is a link to Jered's video production company, Pounds Media.  http://pounds-media.com/



And It Begins...Class of 2017

Austin Hayes
Hometown: De Soto, MO
High School: De Soto
Position: QB
Awards: ACT Honor Roll
1st Team All-Conference DB
1st Team All-District QB
2nd Team All-Conference QB
Major: Digital Media
Coach Schomaker: "Austin is a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. People are naturally drawn to him because of his toughness and personality. I am excited to work with Austin over the next four years as he grows as a man and a quarterback."
Why Did He Choose GC: "I chose Greenville College because of Coach Schomaker. Our conversations over the phone where so convincing that Greenville is where I need to be, and when I visited in December, I understood everything he was saying and decided to commit to Greenville Football."

Christian Semanik
Hometown: Staunton, IL
High School: Staunton Comm
Position: WR
Awards: National Honor Society
3rd Team All-Conference WR
West Central All-Star Team
Major: Pastoral Ministry and Mathematics
Coach Rode: "Christian will add a ton of value to this football program. His work ethic and competitiveness will help him develop his skills as a WR in our offense. I am very excited to coach Christian because he will be a quick learner and a great competitor."
Why Did He Choose GC: "I chose Greenville College because ever since I stepped on campus, I knew that this was where God had intended for me to be. The coaches don’t want you just for your football skills, they want proactive young men that are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, and be empowered leaders and men of God not only at the college, but in their future endeavors and wherever life may take them, and this to me, is the true meaning of a family because I do not believe that GC football is just an ordinary college team, it’s a family working together to improve one another and encourage one another, so that they may turn in outstanding fathers, husbands, etc. This is why I can’t wait to officially say, I’m a Greenville Panther."

Lincoln Johnson
Hometown: Kenai, AK
High School: Nikiski
Position: DL
Awards: Region III Scholar Athlete (2012)
All-State Lineman of the Year (2011 & 2012)
1st Team All-State DL (2011 & 2012)
1st Team All-State OL (2011 & 2012)
3A Wresting State Champ (2012)
Captain of South Team in Alaska Shriner’s All Star Game (2012)
1st Team All-State Long Snapper (2011)
2nd Team All-State OL (2010)
2nd Team All-Conference DL (2010)
Major: Pre-Med/Biology and Chemistry
Coach Mingo: "I am very excited about Lincoln choosing Greenville College. He is a great fit for GC spiritually, academically, and athletically. Lincoln’s work ethic is something that has stood out since we first began recruiting him. He is a highly competitive individual who will lead those around him to become their best. Lincoln is a guy that I believe will emerge as a leader in our program."
Why Did He Choose GC: "I loved the Christ-centered atmosphere there, as well as a great Pre-Medical Program and football team."

Steven Davis
Hometown: Des Peres, MO
High School: Westminster Christian Academy
Position: DL
Awards: 2012 Caleb Football Award (Team-First Player)
2 Year Letterman (2011-2012)
Wildcat Weightlifting Award (2009-2010)
Major: History Education
Coach Schomaker: "Steven is the ultimate team guy. He has a desire to reach his full potential and the wisdom to seek out the right people to help him get there. He also excels in the class room with over a 3.9 GPA."
Why Did He Choose GC: "I chose Greenville because it had everything I was looking for; a place I could play football and get a good education while growing in my faith with supportive teammates and coaches walking with me. I also loved the family atmosphere of the team."

Kevin Tran
Hometown: Stockton, CA
High School: A.A. Stagg
Position: DB
Awards: 2nd Team All League (2011 & 2012)
Captain's Award
Most Inspirational Award
Major: Recreation
Coach Bell: "Kevin is an exceptionally hard worker. He enjoys studying the game of football, as well as dominating the weight room. He has a desire to be his absolute best and it shows with his work ethic. I am excited about what he brings to our defensive backfield and looking forward to coaching him this fall.
Why Did He Choose GC: "I chose Greenville because I felt it was the best place for me to grow into a great athlete and a better person. The vibe is just positive and I feel like Greenville is going to be my other home."


Leadership Talk: Farmer's Job

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