Class of 2017: Part 5

Jonathan Stark
Hometown: Stockton, CA
High School: Robert E. McNair
Position: RB
Awards: 1st Team All- Area (2012)
1st Team All- Conference (2012)
Team MVP (2012)
JV MVP (2011)
Coach's Award Basketball (2010)
All-Tournament Team in Basketball (2010)
Major: Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy
Coach Mingo: "I am very excited about Jon. He possesses dynamic play making ability, great speed, and the ability to break tackles. Those attributes will allow him to become a very good running back for us. Jon also knows how to get it done in the classroom. I can’t wait to watch Jon flourish here at GC."
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because I feel they can provide me the best opportunity to be successful in life. Greenville is a Christian college which will give me that stability I need to stay on track. Here I can improve in sports as well as outside of them which is very important. Most of all Greenville is a successful organization that strives for success, I love to win and creating a brotherhood is icing on the cake."

Cory Moore

Hometown: Flora, IL
High School: Flora
Position: DB
Awards: 1st Team All-Conference
2nd Team All-Area
Shriners MVP Award
Wendy's High School Heisman
Most Dedicated Award
Team's Best Offensive Player Award
Major: Business Administration
Coach Mingo: "It was a long process in recruiting Cory as he is a very highly sought DB from southern Illinois. I am excited about his play-making ability in the defensive backfield. He is a player who possesses great commitment and is a great weight room guy. I believe Cory is a great fit for the GC community."
Why Did He Choose Greenville: "I chose Greenville because of the immediate bond I felt between coaches and players. The coaches are committed to not just making you a better football player, but also a better man-and to live a significant and successful life. I felt it was the right place for me overall."

Nathaniel Webb

Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
High School: Evangelical Christian
Position: OLB
Major: Physical Therapy
Coach Rode: "Nate will become a great leader during his time at Greenville. He has a personality that draws people in and his work ethic will make him stand out on the field. We are thankful that he has chosen to continue his football career and grow in his faith and character as a Panther."
Why Did He Choose Greenville: "I knew Greenville was the place for me during the visit. Everyone was welcoming and it was obvious they truly care about you. The coaching staff is in interested in every aspect of your life and will help you succeed in all areas. The friendly, Christian environment was the final decision maker for me."

Blake Perez

Hometown: Modesto, CA
High School: Modesto
Position: RB
Awards: All-League Honorable Mention
Defensive Player of the Year
"Macho Nacho" Award
Major: Pre-Chiropractic
Coach Mingo: "Blake is a player who plays the game with a lot of  toughness. He is a player that knows how to compete. I am excited to watch him compete to close his potential performance gap on the field and in the classroom."
Why Did He Choose Greenville: "I chose Greenville because as soon as I arrived on campus I felt at home, as if I was always meant to be there. I also chose Greenville because they aren't just using me to make the team better. They are teaching me to become a man and a great husband."

Remington "Remy" Stegbauer

Hometown: Knightstown, IN
High School: Knightstown
Position: WR
Awards: Optimist Youth Appreciation Award
Lettered in Football & Track
Major: Physical Therapy
Coach Orr: "I’m happy to introduce Remington Stegbauer as a new member of our 2017 recruiting class. The staff loves to use a saying for our Wide Receivers, ‘No block, no rock.’ Remy’s willingness in this part of the game will be an asset as he comes in and competes in our program."


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Where Are They Now?

In the 4th installment of "Where are they now?" Emapnation.com profiled GC Alum David Butler.

When (and what position) did you play at GC?

"I played Offensive Tackle from 2007-2010."

Accolades/Achievements at GC (if applicable):

"2009-2nd Team All UMAC, 2010-1st Team All UMAC, 2010 UMAC Conference Lineman of the Year, 2010 All-American Bowl Participant, NCAA Division III 3rd Team All-Region."

What was your Favorite Memory?

“There were many great memories that I had at Greenville.  The best overall memories that I have are the trips to and from games on the infamous people movers.  What happens on the people movers, stays on the people movers.  One of my favorite memories, on a more serious note, was the mission trip in 2010 to Philadelphia.  It was a good time to outreach, put on a skills camp, get out of my comfort zone, and impact the lives of the kids that we encountered with my brothers on the team.”

How did your career at GC impact your life?

“Greenville impacted my life in many ways.  It opened my eyes to the world that is around me and allowed me have a unique life experience.  I was fortunate enough to receive a very good education from their awesome Education Department in Special Education.  I really learned a lot from the professors that I encountered and enjoyed the personal connections that I made with them.  From a football standpoint, I learned a lot about the game of football and how to push myself to be the best that I could be.  Along with learning great football, I learned how to be a better man.  It was never just about the football.  It was how we were taught to use football as a way to learn about how we should approach our own lives and personal walks in our Faith.”

What have you done/been doing since graduating from GC?

“I am currently living in Christopher, Illinois.  I teach in a Special Education classroom at the Christopher High School.  I really enjoy my job and could imagine doing many other things.  I am also an assistant football coach and an assistant track and field coach.  I enjoy staying around the game and being active with athletics.  Once my days as a Panther were over, I began doing running as a hobby to lose weight.  I spend a lot of time helping out around the school with sporting events, spending time with friends and family, and making memories every single day.  I have lost about 60 pounds doing 5K’s and running on my own.  I plan on doing my first half marathon this upcoming summer and would like to someday do a full marathon.”
Thank you David for the impact you had during your time at GC, and the great legacy that you left!  
Click on this link to check out one of David's favorite touchdown celebrations. 


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Class of 2017: Part 4

Jesse Gifford
Hometown: Redwood City, CA
High School: Carlmont
Position: OLB
Awards: Team MVP (2012)
Offensive Player of the Year (2012)
JV Team MVP (2010)
JV Offensive Player of the Year (2010)
JV Coaches Award (2009)
School Record 4x100 Meter Team (2011)
Major: Political Science
Coach Mingo: Jesse Gifford is a versatile athlete who can play multiple positions.  His athleticism, speed, and quickness allows him to make big time plays. He also is a dynamic punt returner. Jesse is a player who puts the team first and will be a great addition to the EMAP family."
Why Did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because it is the perfect place where I can begin my journey of transforming into a young adult. The spiritual aspect of the school that is incorporated with the football program helped me make my decision of where I go to college an easy one. The relationship that I created with the coaches through the whole recruiting process is what sealed the deal for me."

Connor Earleywine
Hometown: Flora, IL
High School: Flora
Position: LB
Awards: All-Conference Honorable Mention
Best Defensive Player Award
Major: Recreation: Adult Fitness
Coach Mingo: “I am excited that Connor will be coming to GC.  He is an aggressive tackler who does a good job of using his keys to pick up where the ball carrier is going. Connor also plays with a very good motor and knows how to pursue well. Connor has come across as an individual who desires to learn and grow in the recruiting process, and I am excited to see how the uniqueness of GC Football will impact him as a man.”

Nicholas Morrow
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
High School: Huntsville
Position: OLB
Awards: Most Outstanding Lineman (2011)
Major: Psychology
Coach Bell: “Nicholas is a very athletic young man that comes from a strong Christian family. We are very excited to see him grow over the course of his time here at Greenville College. I believe Nicholas will make many contributions to our program on and off the field. He is a great example of what we search for in a recruit.”

Markus Gray
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Jennings
Position: OL/DL
Major: Forensic Science
Coach Schomaker: “Markus has a great frame and is an extremely physical football player. He is a selfless player who is willing to put the team before himself.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because I felt like, with them, it wasn't just football. They care about my life outside of it and want to see me succeed. Greenville College will also allow me to excel in the classroom, on the field, and spiritually. That is why I chose Greenville.”

David Kerley
Hometown: Henderson, CO
High School: Pinnacle Charter
Position: LB
Major: Physics Education
Coach Schomaker: “David has all the leadership skills we look for in a middle linebacker. His passion for Jesus, his teammates and football make him a great fit for our university. I expect great things from David during his four years here.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because I feel this is God's Will for my life. The coaches are real and they truly care about their players success on and off the field. I immediately felt a unity with the team. The school offers opportunity to be successful in my studies as well as my spiritual life."


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