Faithful fans of EMAP Nation, as you’ve surely been anxiously awaiting, it’s time for an update on the 2013 edition of the Greenville Panthers Football Team.

On August 14th, Greenville College Football stepped onto the practice field for the first time. To the surprise of nobody who has kept up with EMAP Nation, there was something different about the 2013 edition of the Greenville Panthers Football Team. Was it the addition of two new coaches to the staff? Maybe, but that wasn’t quite it. Could it be that the weather felt like camp was taking place during October? Although that’s something the players were thankful for, again, no.

The team itself just felt … different.

Long story short, the heart of this team is its dynamic senior leadership. Providing an urgent sense of purpose has been the calling card of this year’s seniors and returners. At the rudder are Senior captains Brendan Chambers, Cody Lopez, Jesse Tyrrell, and Bryce Wright. There is no doubt that these four men share the vision of Head Coach Robbie Schomaker’s motto of “Close the Gap.” Along with the captains, there are an additional 14 seniors offering great depth and breadth of experience and insight to be gleaned from. After the addition of another large, talented recruiting class, that kind of leadership is especially essential. It has been evident that upperclassmen have been pouring themselves into these new Panthers, developing relationships, and setting expectations for what it means to be a part of EMAP.

One thing is clear; the 2013 Greenville Football Team doesn’t want a slow start to the season. They would much rather extend the 8 game winning streak on which last year’s team ended. Closing the gap between performance and potential will be imperative in striving for a fast start. We at EMAP Nation are excited to see how vigorously the Panthers will pursue that process throughout the rest of camp and into season.

Coming up on the schedule is Greenville’s pre-season scrimmage against Washington University, in St. Louis, on August 31st.

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