Josh Frewin

Recnetly kicker Josh Frewin was named UMAC
Special Teams Player of the Year.  We had an
opportunity to speak with Josh.  As you would guess
he was one of the most humble individuals ever!

Q: When you first heard that you were Special Teams Player of the Year, what were some of your thoughts?
Josh: Well to be honest I was really shocked!  Coach Lira and Coach Schomaker told me we were going to do a video for underclassman.  The next thing I know they told me I won the award.  I feel super honored, and even more blessed to have won.

Q: What do you think are some things that have helped you reach this success?
Josh:  Well growing up I went to many camps, so I want to thank my parents for sending me to them.  An I also want to thank the players and coaches for always believing in me. The team bond we have from players to coaches is unlike anything I've seen, and it really makes it a little easier at times.

Q: So for the spring semester you were studying aboard, what were some things you had to do to get ready for the season?
Josh:  We it was difficult, because I was not able to do the off season workout that I was use to.  There were times I would manage a workout, or was able to kick the "futbol" around.  It was difficult though, I had to put a lot of time aside to get ready for this season.  I just happy everything worked out in the end.

Q: What would you say to the recruits out there that are ready this post?
Josh: Greenville is a special place that gives you a chance to grow tremendously!  I was the second string kicker my entire Freshman year, and even as a senior didn't even start the first game. I was patient an knew the coaches knew what they were doing, and everything ended up working itself out.  Super blessed to have played in the program, and am going to miss the guys on the team very much!

Q: Tell us something about yourself that some people wouldn't know?
Josh:  I love to play Mario Kart on N64.  I can remember me and guys on the team playing for hours and hours.  That is something people may or may not know, but the thing people will get a kick out of is I have the be the girl driver Peach.  I don't know why, but for some reason she is the fastest in my opinion.

 We are super proud of you Josh, and we are super excited to see what you are going to do in the future!


National Bowl Selection

100 of the best Non-FBS college football players have been selected for this game, and our very own Brendan Chambers has been selected.  The game will be held in Miami, FL on December 6th. The National Bowl is the only elite Non-FBS post-season all-star game that sees scouts from several NFL teams along with the CFL, and arena leagues.  The bowl rosters are unique in that they give the NFL, CFL, and additional scouts a chance to view and get to know some of the best players from smaller schools many college football fans may not have even heard of.  We are all super proud of you Brendan, and know you will represent EMAP Nation proud. 

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